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Thursday, April 25, 2019

13-Year Old Girl Dies After School Fight With Three Other Students

Kashala Francis

Houston, TX — Kashala Francis, a 13-year old girl in Texas, suffered from severe head injuries and later died less than a week after being brutally attacked by three girls outside their school. Her grief-stricken mother is still searching for answers to why the girls attacked her daughter.

Kashala, who was a 7th-grader at Attucks Middle School, came home with a bruise on her face after school last Thursday. She told her mother, Mamie Jackson, that she was punched and kicked by two girls in an unprovoked attack while she was walking home and then another girl jumped in and kicked her in the head.

Despite the visible injuries, Kashala told her mother she was just fine. On Saturday, she seemed to get delusional for some moment, until it came back to normal. But on Sunday, she ultimately became weak and complained to her mother of an intense headache before falling unconscious.

She was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital, where she has been initially on life support. Doctors discovered a large tumor in the back of her head and fluid buildup in her brain.

On Wednesday, she was pronounced dead at the hospital. Police said they are waiting for the autopsy results to distinguish if the cause of her death is the injuries sustained from the fight or a pre-existing medical condition.

There were no arrests yet made in connection to the incident but police said an investigation is ongoing.

Furthermore, school district officials said in a statement, “The district is aware that several Attucks Middle School students were involved in an off-campus altercation on Thursday. [Houston Independent School District] is gathering information and cooperating with the Houston Police Department in its investigation.”

Meanwhile, Kashala’s mother said her daughter “did not deserve” to be attacked. She also claimed that she seemed to be a healthy young girl despite the previously unknown medical condition and she would have had more time with her daughter if the attack did not happen.

“So, if she had a tumor in her head that were we unknowing about, and somebody repeatedly stomped and kicked and punched you in your head — you’re not even fighting back — is it going to be better or is it going to be worse?” Jackson told ABC13.