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Monday, August 12, 2019

Actor to Launch International Black Book in 2020 — Creating a Cyber Wakanda!

Kay Benjamin, founder of the International Black Book

Kay Benjamin, founder of the International Black Book

Leimert Park, CAInternational Black Book (IBB) is developing a directory of businesses and non-profits (NGOs) for the African diaspora. Not since the ambitions of Marcus Garvey to connect the continent to the African diaspora has there been an initiative as vast in scope to invigorate nations in Africa through economic and cultural exchange. The concept is inspired by a US Jim Crow Era remedy to racial segregation, The Green Book, which enabled Blacks to navigate hostile highways and byways as they traveled. The Green Book provided a guide to accommodations food and entertainment devoid of racial animus.

“I find it necessary to be a part of bringing the African diaspora into alignment with the needs of the African continent,” proclaims Kay Benjamin, the founder of IBB. “We will join The Adinka Group, which has coordinated a trip to Ghana for the NAACP: Jamestown-to-Jamestown: A powerful journey from the USA to Ghana, August, 2019 to further our mission.”

Dr. Ankara Chihombori-Quao, the African Union Ambassador to the U.S., has sent out a clarion call to African Americans: “Wake up, organize, go home and take what’s rightfully yours.” Listening to Dr. Chihombori-Quao inspired Kay to start International Black Book.

According to Fin24, South Africa’s most popular financial portal, Intra-African trade was worth $170 billion in 2017, but only 15% of the continent’s trade. The European Union retains 67% and Asia 58% of its commercial transactions.

To stimulate Intra-African trade the African Continental Free Trade Area supporting nations are slashing cutting tariffs 90%. One of the most aggressive participating nations is Ethiopia, which is actively soliciting investors, companies and entrepreneurs to assist with manufacturing, telecommunications, power and solar energy, and entertainment services.

Los Angeles based Recycling Black Dollars is committed to supporting IBB. Jacquee Bee, Director of Recycling Black Dollars announced, “We are excited to affirm our participation in closing the gap between the African Diaspora and our native land.”

The International Black Book endeavors to converge with Africa’s efforts to meet the economic and cultural needs of the continent by connecting businesses, agencies and people throughout the African diaspora. Be a part of this historical phenomena. Sign up today. Free of charge. Download a business picture and your contact information to InternationalBlackBook.com.


B. Thompson