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Friday, July 2, 2021

Black Social Worker Releases New Guide For Caregivers and Patients on Navigating the Healthcare System

Kenshara Cravens, author 'Navigating the Healthcare System'

Nationwide — Kenshara Cravens, having a heart to alleviate the stress and pressure on patients and their loved ones, has written an easy-to-read handbook on how to approach healthcare. She has seen first-hand the strain felt by those needing the most care and compassion. In her debut project, Kenshara is making things a bit easier.

Quick Guide to Navigating the Healthcare System: For Caregivers and Patients is a self-help, educational read that will help caregivers and patients better understand the healthcare system. This guide covers information on Medicare, Medicaid, and mental health services. While this book can be used for any age group, it is geared toward the senior citizen population and adults currently on disability that receive Medicaid services.

It is written using easy-to-understand language for any reader. As a medical social worker, Kenshara created this book to provide insight into things the average patient doesn’t know, shine a light on how to manage interactions with healthcare professionals, and how to make informed decisions that eliminate unnecessary difficulties when your health and wellness hangs in the balance.

Boasting practical, how-to tips, Quick Guide to Navigating the Healthcare System: For Caregivers & Patients is sure to be a go-to guide for families receiving care due to aging, severe illness, or medical emergencies.

Book Details:
ISBN: 978-1-948248-30-3
Format: 6×9 Paperback
Retail: $19.99
Genre: Healthcare/Self-Help

About the Author:
Kenshara Cravens is a Licensed Masters Social Worker with six years of experience where she has worked in nursing homes, hospice, home health, hospitals, and currently works at a managed care organization. She is also an adjunct professor, while currently working on her Ph.D. in social work with a specialization in medical social work. Kenshara holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in social work and holds her LCDC (CI) certification and Certified Case Manager Certification. Connect with the author at TheMedicalSocialWorker.org

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