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Thursday, March 19, 2020

55-Year Old Man Battling Coronavirus Was Told He Had the Flu

Kevin Harris, man with Coronavirus

Warren, OH — Kevin Harris, a 55-year old man from Ohio, has posted a video on Facebook sharing his experience of battling the coronavirus. He said he wanted to really be sure if he would survive before sharing his story.

“I had to wait and make sure I wasn’t going to die. So I couldn’t be on Facebook and die on Facebook,” Harris said in the video as he lied on the hospital bed in Mercy Health-St. Joseph Warren Hospital.

Harris, a father of four, said it started when he got sick so he went to a doctor who diagnosed that he had flu. But he did not recently travel out of the country and he even saw “nobody” for two weeks before he began feeling ill.

Eventually, he suffered worse symptoms including fever, fatigue, and shortness of breath. A friend then drove him to the hospital.

“This is not your typical flu,” Harris told Fox 8 News Cleveland. “It’s bad.”

Harris said that he has lost weight and got down to 212 pounds and even dropped to 202 pounds since testing positive for the coronavirus.

At one point in the video, he can be heard coughing, to which he said, ” yeah that’s the cough.”

Harris urges everyone to get themselves checked if they feel unusual symptoms, though it may differ for each person.

“I never had a sore throat. I never had any signs until the night… and I started coughing and that was the first sign and it went downhill in 24 hours like gangbusters,” Harris said in the video. “I woke up several times thinking I was gonna die. I’d go to the bathroom, the trip to the bathroom would take an hour.”

He said he made the video to “tell people they can get through this if you don’t be scared.” Although he’s not yet completely healed of the disease, he gave credits to the hospital for helping him get better.