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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Filmmaker of ‘Booty Juice’ Fame Publishes Career Advisement Book

“The Art of The Flip: How to Creatively Succeed In Job Interviews” by Kevin Parkinson

Kevin Parkinson

Kevin Parkinson, author of The Art of the Flip

Phoenix, AZ –­ Young, African-­American filmmaker Kevin Parkinson, who has been nominated for several awards from such notables as The National Broadcast Society™ and The Annual Bronze Lens Film Festival™, has published his first book, entitled The Art of the Flip: How to Creatively Succeed In Job Interviews.

Parkinson, a MFA Graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BA from HBCU Shaw University has been featured on both MTV and BET. In 2012, after a string of life-altering circumstances, including the death of a close cousin mixed with the grind of breaking into the film industry, Parkinson made a fateful decision to give back to his community and become a career advisor.

“I remember being at Sony studios in California and being told in an interview that my credentials were great, but I had too little experience in Los Angeles,” Parkinson recalls. By faith he would soon discover a career advisement program offered at a local Goodwill™. There, Kevin impressed the advisors so much, that they offered him a job, ironically in Hollywood, California. “I would walk Hollywood Boulevard and offer young homeless and heroine addicts food to come into my career center and get help finding work. Then come back at night and have those same kids help me shoot short films.”

Not long after, the California office lost funding and Parkinson was offered a position with Goodwill Arizona. There Kevin saw the same issues and was able to meet the same needs as he did in Los Angeles. “My father is Jamaican and he instilled a lot of black pride in me at a very early age. He would always tell me to never be selfish and look out for my fellow man, especially if he looked like me. With this book, I get to do just that.”

In his role, Parkinson noted the gaping disparities between equitable programs and resources for Blacks and other groups and was motivated to do something about it, so he wrote and published The Art of the Flip.

“The book is based on the experiences I’ve had as a filmmaker and career advisor and provides practical advice on gaining favor in the workplace, on job-sites and in interviews.” Parkinson provides lectures and dedicates a weekly PodCast to the book. You can follow Kevin on Tumblr at http://artoftheflip.tumblr.com.

Parkinson will be shooting his second feature this year, College Orientation, a film about the realities of life as a college freshman. “Again, regarding equity, there are very few films relaying the Black College experience. With College Orientation, I’ll get to paint a realistic picture, a manual even, of what to expect when transitioning into college. Kevin owns and operates Vinark Motion Pictures™ and Cinemaboyz.com, an online resource to aspiring filmmakers. The Art of The Flip book can be purchased as a paperback and e-book on Amazon, Kindle or at http://artoftheflip.tumblr.com. The website also hosts the free podcast.

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Kevin Parkinson

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