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Friday, September 30, 2016

NYC High School Teacher Beats Up Student Who Owed Him Drug Money

Kevin Pope, teacher who beat up student

Kevin Pope, known at school as Mr. Pope, being arrested at a local NYC high school

Bronx, NY — Kevin Pope, a 48-year old high school science teacher at John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy in the South Bronx, was recently arrested for beating a teen student senseless over drug money. Reportedly, Pope recruited the student to help him sell $4,000 worth of marijuana, but the student pocketed the cash and disappeared.

According to student witnesses, back in June, Pope started asking students around the school if they knew a drug dealer. Some students then put him in touch with the teen, who promised that he could score a large stash of drugs from his contact in Manhattan. Pope then gave him $4,000 for the hefty purchase.

According to the unidentified teen, he met the dealer near Central Park but was told that the quantity of drugs he was seeking would cost $7,000. So, he blew off the transaction and spent the money instead.

When Pope finally caught up with him a few months later, he beat him so bad that he needed three surgical staples to close the wounds in the back of his head. Police say that he then told him, “I will kill you if I don’t get my money! I want my money in a month!” He also stole his iPhone 6, gold chain, and wallet, and threatened to rape his mother if he didn’t get his money back.

Pope was arrested at the school, and charged with assault and robbery at the Bronx Criminal Court. He is currently awaiting his trial.

A spokesman from the Department of Education spokeswoman declined to comment.

Watch the video below: