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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Father Writes Book With His 7-Year Old Son as the Illustrator

Khalil and Omar Bala, father and son author

Oakland, CA — Khalil has been drawing cartoon characters since he was four years old, so his father, Omar Bala, decided to showcase his talents for the world to see.

The idea was born from Khalil’s creative ambition after he told his grandmother he wanted to be an illustrator. “I tell Khalil all the time, you’re an artist. Whatever you do and whatever people may say, don’t ever stop drawing,” his father says. “I know if he sees his work in a book, that will drive his pursuit to chase his dream in the art industry,” his father adds.

The books are titled Why Dogs Chase Cats and The Lost Baby Spinosaurus.

Why Dogs Chase Cats is an African-American folklore about a dog and cat devising a plan to enter an exclusive horned-animal party, but the plan backfires after the cat fails to follow the agreement. The Lost Baby Spinosaurus tells the story of a lost dinosaur in search of his parents. Along the way, he encounters many dinosaurs to see if they are a Spinosaurus.

“I did this not only for Khalil but for all the little black boys and girls, who inspire to be something great. Whatever you want to be or do, you don’t have to wait, you can do it now,” Omar concludes.

These two books are the first of many to come from this father and son duo. They are currently working on their third piece titled, The Big Friendly Dragon.

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