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Thursday, November 30, 2023

22-Year-Old Black Author’s New Children’s Book Sheds Light on Food Allergy Awareness

Kianna Dorsey, author of Food Friendly children's book

Nationwide — KiAnna Nycole always wished to find characters in books and on-screen who shared her experience of living with food allergies. However, the absence of such representation made her feel like the only kid dealing with these challenges. So she decided to take her experience and publish Food Friendly, a children’s book that highlights the importance of food allergy awareness and inclusion.

KiAnna found that many children and parents don’t understand the severity of food allergies and the needs of the community. Often, portrayals of food allergies in the media perpetuate harmful misconceptions that further isolate food-allergic individuals. This led KiAnna to not only write the book but also create a greater movement: The Food Friendly Project.

The Food Friendly Project’s mission is to foster allyship and raise food allergy awareness among teachers, parents, and children through storytelling, webinars, curriculum, and more. This children’s book is the first step in achieving this mission and educating children on food allergy acceptance and inclusion.

KiAnna having recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Film Production, is particularly focused on creating more opportunities for individuals with disabilities and minorities in the entertainment industry. She believes storytelling is a way to catalyze change, educate others, and build empathy – and she aims for Food Friendly to do just that.

Food Friendly has been well-received by audiences and has already sold over 100 copies in the first month of its release. KiAnna received a grant from the Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) toward the book’s development and partnered with the Food Allergy Research and Education non-profit (FARE) for the book’s illustrations.

“My long-term goal is to continue to make stories that cause people to think and build compassion and have a message,” KiAnna told The Miami Hurricane. “That’s what will make me happy.”

Her book, Food Friendly, is available for purchase online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

To learn more about the overall Food Friendly Project, follow their socials @foodfriendlyproject and check out its website at FoodFriendlyProject.com

For press inquiries, contact kiannadorsey@gmail.com