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Monday, July 26, 2021

Woman Founder Makes History, Launches Newest Black-Owned Herbal Product Brand

A holistic approach to health and immunity.

Kiki Ford, founder of Nature's Nurtures

Nationwide — While quarantining, with two small children, Kiki Ford decided to launch Nature’s Nurtures after realizing how disconnected Black Americans had become from natural medicinal remedies. She has made it her mission to bring awareness to the Black community about the many Caribbean and African plants that can address common health problems.

During this time, she researched plant remedies for combating viruses, illness, and building the immune system. After a few connections with a couple of Caribbean herbalists and a couple of online courses, Kiki came to a deeper understanding of plant medicine. She then launched her company, strongly believing that nature was put here as the sidekick to modern medicine and should be used accordingly. Kiki’s overall goal is to help people reach their highest health potential, the natural way.

A handful of Nature’s Nurtures products are grown on a volcanic island where the soil is more potent/nutrient-rich due to the volcanic eruptions. The other products are very carefully sourced from trusted growers in the United States and Peru. Natures’ Nurtures offers herb powders and fruit-infused sea moss gels. Daily multivitamins are sometimes difficult to keep up and as a result, create inconsistency. offering powders instead of pills. Powders are extremely potent and easy to add to smoothies and drinks.

Flavored sea moss is easier to eat alone and the fruit makes for even more added benefits. Nature’s Nurtures encourages every customer to “stay healthy” with dinner ideas, smoothie recipes, and healthy drinks. Offering powders for regulating blood sugar levels, regulating insulin, increasing libido, skin health, fertility health, and MUCH MORE, Nature’s Nurtures is pushing each customer one step closer to a healthy lifestyle.

What her customers are saying:

“Man when I tell you this company did their thing! They did! My kids and I loved it! At first, I was scared to try it out because I was thinking it may have a crazy taste but it wasn’t! And the shipping was right on time! Thank you for providing your service for my family and I will be ordering again”

“Almost instantly I felt the boost. I mix it in my oatmeal every morning but the first time I tried it I felt the boost right away. I wasn’t expecting it so soon. This will be a part of my daily routine from now on. Thank you”

“I enjoyed the fresh blueberry taste! I take a spoonful every morning with my daily tea. Highly recommend this flavor!”

For more details about her company and/or to make a purchase, visit NaturesNurtures.com

For press inquiries, contact info@naturesnurtures.com

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