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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Kim Janey Poised to Become Boston’s First Ever Black Female Mayor

Kim Janey, first Black woman mayor of Boston

Boston, MA — Kim Janey, the current city council president of Boston, is set to become the first Black person and the first woman to serve as the city’s mayor. The news comes after Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh has been chosen by President-elect Joe Biden as his labor secretary.

Janey has been serving in the city council since 2017 and was chosen as the city council president in January 2019. She has proven to have been confident in facing the city’s challenges head-on since then.

Under the rules of the city of Boston, the council president would serve as the acting mayor should the role become vacant until a new election.

If Walsh resigns before March 5, a special election would be necessary within 120 to 140 days from his resignation. If he leaves after March 5, Janey would serve as the acting mayor until the new election in November.

However, Councilor Ricardo Arroyo said he is seeking to eliminate the need for a special election regardless of when Walsh resigns to avoid more costs and risk, especially during the pandemic. The petition has yet been approved by the state legislature.

Meanwhile, Janey, who is 56-years old, is expected to bring remarkable developments in Boston, which is still struggling from racial injustice as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am ready to take the reins and lead our city through these difficult times,” Janey said in a statement.