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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

African American Mental Health Therapist Teaches Victims of Abuse How to Forgive With Her Personal Story!

Kimberly Bozeman

Kimberly Bozeman, author of “Secret Pain: Forgiving Your Offender”

Nationwide — Kimberly Bozeman is an ordained minister, professional counselor, author, mother of three and wife to her best friend Bishop Marvin C. Bozeman. Via her new book entitled Secret Pain: Forgiving Your Offender, this Ohio native is empowering the masses with a riveting message of hope and forgiveness.

Bozeman knows from personal experience the consequences of living through “secret pain”. It took her many years before she was able to share her ordeal with the public. She comments, “Domestic violence is not an everyday topic in most African American homes and there seems to be a culturally ingrained belief that is more about concealing this issue rather than exposing it and addressing it openly.”

Secret Pain: Forgiving Your Offender brings forth the issue of domestic violence that lurks within the shadows of all communities and teaches victims how to take back their power and ultimately… forgive. Through Kimberly’s own personal story of survival, she shares how her beliefs in Christ delivered her from darkness and despair by teaching her the importance of forgiveness.

“This book teaches that forgiveness is essential for healing. When you forgive, you release your abuser and strip them of their power – so that your life can progress with wholeness and peace,” Bozeman says.

Secret Pain: Forgiving Your Offender is available in hard copy at www.Healthyemotes.com

For press interview requests or other inquires, contact Kimberly Bozeman at healthyemotes@yahoo.com or at PO Box 246, Brice, OH 43209.


Watch the book trailer below:


Kimberly Bozeman

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