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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Founders of Black-Owned Film Production Studio Partners With Black-Owned Streaming Service to Release New Comedy Film Series

Now Available On-Demand Through Tivid TV

Founders of Kings Castle Ent and Tivid TV

Nationwide — Two Florida-based film production companies, King Castle Ent based in Tampa and Tivid TV based in Orlando, have collaborated to produce, film and independently release a new comedy film series called Church Sessions. Their collaboration produced jobs within the Black community and is a steppingstone for local artists to fulfill their dream of becoming actors. Such partnerships help strengthen the creative mold and positively impact people who don’t usually have the financial resources to attend acting school. Opportunities like this film enriched actors and crew members by teaching them acting or production skills through on-the-job and field training.

About Kings Castle Ent
Funny man, comedian Alonzo Brock, also known by the stage-name Zoeboe69, started Kings Castle Ent at the beginning of the Covid pandemic and was initially created to produce high-quality urban comedy and entertaining shows. Outside of producing and performing locally with other local comedians, Alonzo has also been featured on nationally aired shows such as BET Def Comedy Jam, Comic View, and Apollo among star-studded talent such as Kool Bubba Ice, Doo Doo Brown, Odis Odog, and musical guest JT Money to name a few.

During the pandemic, Alonzo also decided to get back into writing screenplays, so he wrote a screen play entitled “Debit Card Life Matters.” The screenplay production occurred when everyone was subject to their homes due to quarantine. But he is a Florida native, so he didn’t feel that this rule pertained to him and the production quickly came to fruition. Debit Card Life Matters is playing on Tubi, Amazon Prime, Tivid TV, and a few more streaming platforms.

In 2021, Alonzo participated in a Tivid TV original standup comedy series produced by founders and husband and wife duo Christopher Michael and McKenzy Bowers.

About Tivid TV
Indianapolis natives and entrepreneur duo Chris & McKenzy Bowers created Tivid TV, a 360° evolving ecosystem where people can learn, film, distribute, and more! It is the only self-distribution platform that offers 100% royalty-based options. Tivid TV allows young artists, filmmakers, and content creators alike to profit from projects without having to reach unattainable goals for distributor payouts. It is the intellectual property of Tivid TV Studios located 3 miles south of Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. It is available for download on Google Play, Apple Store, and Roku TV.

The Collaboration
Together, Kings Castle Ent and Tivid TV produced a featured comedy film titled Church Sessions which only can be seen by downloading the Tivid TV App.) The movie was released to the public December 25, 2022 and the 2 companies have plans to produce more films and TV series in 2023 and beyond.

To watch the film, visit https://www.tivid.tv/home-2/

For press inquiries, contact info@kingscastleent.com and 941-681-1710