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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Former Prison Guard Charged with Rape, Covered in Scratches from Victim Resisting Attack

Kirk Taylor Martin, former prison guard arrested for rape

Kirk Taylor Martin

Chatsworth, GA — Kirk Taylor Martin, a 28-year old former jail guard from Georgia, has been arrested and is facing rape and other charges after he allegedly held his ex-girlfriend against her will in her home and sexually assaulted her. A disturbing mugshot showed him covered in scratches which were reportedly inflicted by his victim as she fought back.

Martin has been charged with aggravated sexual battery, aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit sodomy, false imprisonment, and obstructing an emergency call, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

He was accused of sexually assaulting the victim from the afternoon of March 7 to the early morning of March 8 before she was able to contact her mother who called 911.

An affidavit states that Martin told police he “f—ed up” and “let things get too far” since they recently broke up. He said he moved out of their apartment but he still had a spare key. He entered the apartment while she was on the shower and raped her.

Martin told investigators that he pinned her down after she refused him. He then locked her in a closet at the bedroom and only let her out when she told him they could get back together.

When he realized she called her mother while he was out of the bedroom, he got a gun and tried to kill himself, according to the affidavit.

Martin was left with swollen eyes and several bloody scratch marks across his chest, neck, shoulders, and face, as a result of the victim fighting back, according to Greg Ramey of the GBI.

Martin used to work as a detention officer until April 2018, when he was fired for giving an inmate the wrong medication and other jail policy violations, Murray County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jimmy Davenport said.