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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

99 Businesses That You Can Start For $99 or Less

Helping those affected by layoffs, downsizing, and current economic challenges

99 Businesses That You Can Start For $99 or Less by Kishia Kimbrough

Jacksonville, FL — Author, entrepreneur, and business coach Kishia Kimbrough is reaching out to those who are struggling or reassessing during the current economic challenges through her new book and accompanying workbook, 99 Businesses That You Can Start for $99.00 or LESS.

“With the ever-changing economy, jobs are being eliminated, companies are downsizing, and many positions are being outsourced, more and more people are realizing that they need another stream of income,” says Kimbrough. “Entrepreneurship brings many opportunities, that include being able to pursue your passion, building a legacy, and unlimited earning potential” just to name a few.”

As layoffs and market downturns continue, many people are considering entrepreneurship, but some are concerned about the costs. Kimbrough’s book offers practical advice about starting a business on a budget of $99 or less. It walks readers through the steps of figuring out their strengths and how to leverage them in today’s market. While some people think they must invent a new product to start a business, opportunities can be found in a variety of areas.

Since the release of her book, Kimbrough has received many testimonials from people around the world sharing how the book/workbook has helped them gain clarity and insight on other businesses that can be started on a budget and have added a new stream of income for their family.

Kimbrough offers 1-on-1 and group coach sessions along with a variety of other services through her company The Integrity Solution, LLC.

99 Businesses That You Can Start for $99.00 or LESS is available online at HelpBuildMyBusiness.com and Amazon.


Kishia Kimbrough