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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Black Entrepreneur’s Real Estate Investment Guide Becomes Number One Amazon Bestseller on the Day of Release

Accomplished real estate broker, serial entrepreneur, and seasoned investor Kito Johnson is now making heads turn as an author. His recently launched book titled “Real Estate Wealth” recently made it to the top of the list of Amazon bestsellers on the day of its formal launch.

Real Estate Wealth by Lamar Tyler


Nationwide — Kito Johnson, a distinguished real estate broker and investor, is now making his mark as an author, following the official launch of his new book Real Estate Wealth. Available in Kindle as well as print version, this useful real estate investment guide earned the distinction of becoming the number one Amazon bestseller in multiple categories on the day of its Amazon launch.

As an active real estate investor, Kito has successfully handled well over one thousand real estate transactions in his career. His wealth of experience and industry knowledge has made him a trusted educator and mentor amongst both new and seasoned investors. Passionate about helping people in the African American communities create generational wealth and achieve their financial goals, Johnson is the CEO and founder of The Generational Wealth University.

Johnson’s book Real Estate Wealth is tailor-made for individuals that are interested in investing in real estate but have no idea about how to start. The overarching goal of the book is that a reader walks away having chosen the investing strategy that best matches their current circumstance. Real Estate Wealth deep dives into the processes, procedures, and protocols necessary to build a solid and sustainable business. Packed with facts, stories, information, and tips for readers to follow, the book will help all types of investors, regardless of their experience. In addition to reading it, the readers will be able to use it as a tool for implementing strategies with determination and clarity.

In a roller-coaster career, Johnson has faced his own share of ups and downs. He has had to deal with several tragedies in life including near bankruptcy, foreclosure, and the loss of his wife, leaving him a single father of two young children. However, with strong focus, consistency, and the right education, he has done well to rise from all the atrocities and rebuild his portfolio much larger than before. Today, he has built a team of over twenty people through his real estate brokerage, Buy n Sell Inc.

“Real estate investing is not one size fits all, more people would be successful at it if they understood how to choose and apply the strategy that fits their current situation, “Johnson states. “I’ve recovered from having lost it all. I really want people to know that it’s possible to bounce back and achieve true prosperity. Real estate just happens to be my vehicle of choice.”

Within its short lifespan, Real Estate Wealth has already received encouraging response from the readers. “This quick read is full of great insights to help anyone jumpstart real estate success. It provides tangible steps to building a strong foundation,” an impressed reader mentioned in his Amazon review.

For more details and/or to purchase the book on Amazon, visit https://amzn.to/2JvCesc


About Kito Johnson:
Kito J. Johnson, broker and CEO of Buy n Sell Inc., is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned investor, and accomplished real estate broker. Johnson has over 1,000 transactions under his belt and has established himself as an educator and mentor to both new and seasoned investors. With a passion for generational wealth, Johnson is also founder and host of The Generational Wealth Summit, which brings entrepreneurs and real estate professionals together from the local market and around the country for an all-day event. For more details, visit www.kitojjohnson.com


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