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Friday, August 8, 2014

“Knock Knock Whooz There?” — A Ghetto Tale By Marvin Griffin

Knock Knock Whooz There by Marvin Griffin


Nationwide — “… Prisons today represent a kind of break from the rest of the world’s mindset on incarceration,” [where deprivation is deep], “that it challenges our conception of what America truly is … ” The subject of prisons pose the thought-provoking question: ” … what steps should be taken to help change society’s negative perception of prisoners and ex-felons?”

Trachell Rutherford CEO of Nivram’s Bookshelf, recently sat down with renowned author, publisher, and philanthropist Marvin Griffin to get his insight with respect to prisoners responsibility not only to themselves [as convicts] but their community they someday wish to reenter. Once upon a time, Marvin hosted a myriad of street aliases, i.e. , Prince Nivram, Norman Bates, Robbing Marvin, and Mitch just to name a few.

These generic sobriquets earned him the rightful presumption of guilt as being labeled an emphatic thug who albeit became a legend in the so-called game! Today, however, Marvin is wearing another name, one of which many may argue threatens to taint his legendary status instead of enhancing it. He’s now commonly referred to as “Inmate” Marvin Griffin Reg. #57836-004; by virtue of being duly convicted in 1998 by a jury of his so-called peers. That is to say, this once charming, brown skin, soft spoken individual with a narrow build — in the sense of a physical specimen — emceed his role as a hustler — met his fate one day trying to steal 6 kilograms of cocaine from his once partner in crime, Danny Felton, a former city of Miami Police Officer, turned government informant.

In a twisted game of greed, disloyalty, betrayal, and awkward fate, the drugs Marvin so desperately coveted turned out to be sham packages: and the actual drug deal turned out to be a reverse-sting operation orchestrated by the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation; corruption unit doing a joint investigation with Internal Affairs on police corruption in the Miami-Liberty City area. In the end, while the corrupt cop walked away scot-free, Marvin wasn’t so lucky. He received 30 years in prison [albeit] with no chance of parole. Thus far he’s already served 17 years and with the exception to the greying of his beard and receding hairline you’d never know he’s two years shy of being 50 years old. To facade this reality, he¬†occasionally rocks a crown and keeps an electric razor handy to elude the inevitable tolling of father times. In a more ironical sense, he blames his growing ball to the weight of his lengthy dreads that hang just above his scrawny knees. Yet, in spite of his underpinnings, Marvin maintains he’s a reformed and redeemed prisoner who’s not only worthy of reentering his community but that society should accept him with open arms. To his credit, Marvin claims he’s managed to do more with his time, seeking to accomplish more than the average individual in the free world. “Had it not been for prison, there’s no telling where I would be today.” He chides, dreamily: “Probably Dead!”

“Where urban fiction hip-hop literature comes to life.” Today, he calls himself founder and CEO of Nivram’s Bookshelf at 360 Degrees Publications, an independent urban book firm based in Boynton Beach Florida. He’s working expeditiously to get this company off the ground; announcing his new release Knock Knock Whooz There/A Ghetto Tale which features a mystique mystery contest that allows readers to compete for a chance to win¬†$10,000 and/ or a GT Bentley. Marvin calls himself a majestic writer with an imaginary sense that brings ordinary words to life.

To date, he’s penned almost 21 manuscripts including but not limited to an exclusive running manual The Art of Running, Biography: The Making of a Thug, and the motivational book Nightmares/ A Deep Spiritual Cleansing Towards Good Dreams that he plans to donate [the entire proceeds of] to charity.

“To answer your question,” Marvin explains, “Prisoners must work diligently while incarcerated to change the image of themselves. They must acknowledge that without rehabilitative programs in prisons around the country society-using the judicial system as a conduit has virtually condemned them. Being cognizant of this information would encourage prisoners to constantly seek redemption throughout their incarceration. This is the first step. Secondly, they must accept full responsibility of, their actions.”

It suffices to say, Marvin’s own personality has proved divisive [so much so] that he’s inspired intense hatred from the Government, who prosecuted his case, and judge both of whom have portrayed him as a “slickster” a sophisticated criminal whose managed to escape “the system’s crooked game of justice” (white justice), for years . When I asked Marvin how he feels about the judge and government’s comments of him. He states with a genuine beguiling smile: “Man, I take everything in stride. It’s all material I use to create stories, ya’ know what I’m saying?” That’s another thing, prisoners need something to aspire to; and what better inspiration do I have to motivate me than my current circumstances.

In other words, prisons in America today is about withstanding the worst of times in one’s effort to transcend his own faults into virtues. With this in mind, society’s conception of American’s prisons change when prisoners redefines his or her own vices that binds them to a mental capacity of which encourage-rather than- discourage criminality … “My question to you now to the audience of which this press release seeks to target is: what’s your perception of me: Am I condemned or redeemed?”

To learn more about Marvin and how you can become an instant winner or how you can support Marvin in his fight for freedom, log onto http://nivramsbookclub.wix.com/urbanfiction. To read other articles about Marvin’s story, log onto LinkedIn and/or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

About the Book
Knock Knock Whooz There?
By Marvin Griffin
ISBN: 1482079178
Pages: 310
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