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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

This 31-Year Old Man Dates Older Women — Mostly Grandmothers Who Are 80 and 90 Years Old!

Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool

Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool

Nationwide — Kyle Jones, a 31-year old man from Pittsburgh, seems to be just like most men his age. But he actually has a very unusual taste for the women he dates. He prefers to date women that are much, much older than him. For example, he once dated a 91-year old woman, Marjorie McCool, who was 60 years older than him!

Back in 2014, the couple was featured on a documentary series called Extreme Love where they talked extensively about their five-year relationship.

Kyle admitted that it was not his first time dating women that are two to three times his age. While it appears to be unusual to many, he claimed he is just like other men who prefer plus sized women or people of certain identities.

“Everyone is wired their own way. I am wired towards older women. The first time I realized I was into older women, I was like 12 or 13. The thing is, it’s funny how they are so conscious about what I am into. I like line, I like neck features. I am into platinum hair,” he said.

The couple first met at a bookstore where Marjorie was working in 2009. Marjorie, who has been single for 37 years after separating with her husband and the father of her six children, agreed to go on a date with Kyle.

“When I first met Kyle, I was quite thrilled. It’s very flattering to have a younger guy chase you and he was very nice. Sometimes I feel like he’s another son… until we hop in bed, then I feel different,” said Marjorie.

It wasn’t surprising for them that a lot of people were suspicious of his intentions, but Kyle claimed he was not after any money. Marjorie agreed and said she doesn’t have riches or whatsoever anyways.

“I have encountered people who are critical of what I do. The most common is that I’m a vulture, I’m after money or inheritance. I hear that all the time. It’s not true. I do this because I like it,” said Kyle.

Apart from Marjorie, Kyle dated up to five other older women at the same time. But Marjorie seemed to be fine with it. She said, “In the beginning I got jealous of his other women but he keeps coming back to me and tells me I’m the best. The physical side of our relationship is wonderful. I amaze myself, he amazes me. There’s nothing better.”

Sadly, Marjorie died back in February 2016. But Kyle reported continues to date older women – women that are up to 50 years old or more older than him.

Watch Kyle’s story below: