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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

African American Hedge Fund Controller Leaves World of Mega Rich to Bring Financial Education to MLK Street

Kyle Strozier, Founder of Wealth Matters Co.

Kyle Strozier, Founder of Wealth Matters Co.

Nationwide — Based in New Rochelle, New York, WealthMatters.co is a financial literacy and advisory firm with a national mission: Shatter the veil which obscures wealth thereby making its benefits accessible to all who seek it.

Kyle Strozier founded the firm after 10 years in the hedge fund and wealth management industry. He felt that the knowledge he had acquired could prove beneficial not just to himself and his family, but to the community at large. To this extent, he formed wealthmatters.co to do exactly that. With a focus on 3 overlapping groups: Individuals/Families, Businesses and Schools/Organizations he believes that wealthmatters.co is well positioned to provide maximum good to the community.

Kyle notes that either by design or ineptitude, the education system has failed to train its citizens to be financially conscious individuals and to use money as a tool for the betterment of families and the achievement of generational goals. He continues, “In my years of working with wealthy clients I’ve learned 2 secrets: Wealth (in all its forms) is the primary determinant of the success of you, your family, and ultimately your community; and financial independence and wealth are not dependent on a particular job, degree or certification and can be generated much quicker than you’d think”.

The way forward

WealthMatters.co uses a three pronged approach in order to break the habit of financial mismanagement. The first recognizes that all people seek to become better and many times, simply require a guide or assistance to break old habits. The second tenant centers around training and providing the tools for a financially successful life. The final point is all about planning. Integral to the entire program is Kyle’s mentoring and monthly check-in approach over a full year… longer if needed.

With a growing sense of the need for financial well-being, wealthmatters.co looks to a future where those initial clients are not just able to lift themselves up but, also spread financial knowledge to and uplift others.

For more information, please visit www.wealthmatters.co


Kyle Strozier
Founder, Wealth Matters Co.