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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Black Scientist/ Entrepreneur Develops New Sensual Health Supplement For Women

Spotlights inequalities and challenges faced by women; identifies gaps in women health and opportunities empowering women during every phase as their body changes.

L. Renee Williams

L. Renee Williams

Oakland, CA — The internet has benefited almost every other part of our lives. Reliable information about almost anything can be found, but it’s hard to find accurate information about the details of how women are dealing with their changing bodies at all phases of their lives.

Anything else we do in life, there are established truths that are agreed – and our personal knowledge builds on what every previous generation of women has discovered. Is talking about these details that important? It turns out yes, it is. Women who are able to talk specifically about their changing body in terms pain, embarrassment, or just seeking sensual wellness for them are 7x more likely to be happier in their relationships!

A wonderful shift is happening. We finally have the openness and developed research product to get clarity at the many nuances of women’s sensual wellness. It’s about time! The closed and secret conversations isn’t helping anybody.

Over the years, L. Renee Williams, a Black Clinical Scientist and CEO, has faced the struggles that many women face when it comes to balancing life: trying to be a successful career woman, good friend, mom and romantic partner, all which can put a great burden on any woman and lead to overall issues including herself when it comes to sensuality. This is why she embarked on a journey to provide safe and natural solutions to these kinds of issues, building around helping women address pain both physically and mentally by working with their changing bodies in order to promote their well-being and enhance their sensual wellness.

Triple Apex™ suppositories and gel Proactive CCRA bio-herbal research had been in research and development since early 2016 for the modern woman and is a standardized blend of 3 natural herbs used to treat women for over 300 hundred years. These ingredients are extracted and standardized, and when combined in this exclusive formula provide a powerful synergistic benefit.

Triple Apex™ is also a gluten-free supplement. This formula not only has amazing benefits addressing progressional body changes for women, but also replenishes, rejuvenates and restores the inner goddess in every woman back to full capacity.

It’s perfect for women who just had babies to those going through menopause, these products offer gentle yet effective remedies, restoring balance, internal harmony as well as self-esteem and confidence. Triple Apex is all about empowering and freeing women to enjoy their femininity.

Now after nearly a year of fine tuning this extraordinary women health supplement and just in time for the pain and sexual health awareness month in September, individuals can finally get their hands on it. When speaking to the CEO of ProActive CCRA research, L. Renee, she stated, “Today we got the word that our first shipment of Triple Apex™ suppositories and gel was on the way to us and right away we made it orderable for our excited women.”

The benefits of Triple Apex specifically assist with dryness problem, contract and reshape the vaginal walls, enhancing sensual wellness for women and gives a feeling of overall well-being.

For further information contact, Judith Gates, Public Relations, Triple Apex™ at 800 989-2043 or jgates@tripleapexforwomen.com.