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Thursday, February 13, 2020

300 National Slots Open For Black College Women to Build Life-Changing Businesses

Nani Israel, founder of Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy

Nationwide — The Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy (@loeacademy), an innovative online charm school for current and aspiring minority business women, has expanded its digital doors toward college students for the opportunity to create, launch, and manage their own income-generating enterprises for 2020.

The Glow Get-Her School, as the Academy affectionately calls its membership program, is the first of its kind to provide ongoing hands-on coaching, video training, business-building & productivity worksheets as well as daily accountability tasks throughout the students’ entrepreneurial journey.

“This is the world’s first online program that is built from and for black women aimed at leveling up our confidence as well as our coins,” stated the founder, Nani Israel. “The Millennial and Generation Z women that I’ve coached over the last 8 years learn how to build businesses from idea to implementation while becoming the very best versions of themselves. They learn how to self-motivate, how to have a commanding yet welcoming presence in their actions & speech, and how to conquer their own self doubt to build businesses that feed their families and their souls at the same time.”

According to the 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report commissioned by American Express, there has been a 164% increase of African American women-owned businesses in the US since 2007, yet the average annual revenues of those businesses equate to poverty levels with the national average being a mere $24,700 compared to the $143,100 earned among all women-owned businesses collectively. A simple solution to that problem would seem to be to gather startup capital through grants, angel investors and venture capitalists, right? Wrong – out of the $424.7 Billion of venture capital provided to US aspiring and current business owners, only 0.0006% is given to Black female founders primarily between the ages of 35-54 … leaving little room for the Millennial or Gen Z entrepreneur to make a decent living off of their businesses. The end result has left us “undercut, overworked, and overwhelmed despite desperate attempts to build businesses that can make a difference while paying the bills”.

Since the launch of its membership program in 2017, The Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy has helped over 300 women build and scale their businesses including published authors, fashion designers, holistic health coaches and make up artists among others – “and we are cutting the red tape to welcome more ladies in who can’t afford the $300 monthly investment in the Academy’s resources to significantly & progressively improve their business and personal development,” stated Nani. “For as little as $1 a day, we can reach those in colleges who are living on ramen noodles and a prayer. We can reach the culture’s young ambitious minds and cultivate their life choices so they don’t hit 30 years old being filled with regret and lacking purpose in their lives. Instead, they can learn how to use social media to make sales for their very own products & services while perfecting their social skills. They can create executive level pricing strategies for their business while learning how to take control of their emotions and pay attention to self care. This academy is the total package that allows minority women to have their cake and eat it too.”

Interested students and/or their parents can visit www.loeacademy.com (or follow on Instagram @loeacademy and tap the link in the bio) to take advantage of the 90% off monthly student pricing until the 300 seats are filled or until March 31st, 2020 at 8:30pm EST. Driven self-starters who are willing to put in the work required to become confident, compassionate change-makers are encouraged to enroll.


About The Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy
@loeacademy is the world’s first 100% online charm school for minority Millennial and Gen Z female change-makers and entrepreneurs in every stage of their glow up in life and in business. The focal points that current students learn on an ongoing basis include: Entrepreneurship & Career Development, Facebook & Instagram Monetization Strategies, Marketing & Sales Funnels, Social Confidence & Conversation Skills, Self Care (Mental & Feminine Wellness), Social Image & Professional Presence as well as Relationships & Character-Building. Visit them on Instagram for freebies to help with your glow up!


Nani Israel