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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Howard University Professor and Poet Releases 11th Published Volume of Poetry

Lady Janét R. Griffin

Lady Janét R. Griffin, poet and professor at Howard University

Washington, DC — Join Lady Janét R. Griffin in her latest publication joy of writing poetry. Amphony Volume IV, dedicated to her colleague and friend, Mr. Rackham Goodlett and as always to all of her students, is a collection of poetic messages and themes that are recorded throughout literary times, such as “inner reflections”, “faith”, or “confusion and war”. Yet, these same themes re-occur anew to capture the personality and the emotions of Lady Janét’s innermost thoughts. Creating poetic tension from the baseline, as the musical symbol of Amphony implies, is a provocative manner of revealing layers of bitter sweet feelings, truths, and longings fused in soulful introspection.

Readers have a musical array of disquieting themes that challenge today’s controversial notions in “Trafficked Girl”; “I am Still a Virgin”; “Do Not Slay My Soul!” or “Trunk of a Dead Tree.” Yet, the heart swells in “Shall I Speak of Seniors?”, “There Exists Something More”, or “Here and There” dedicated specifically to Lady Janét’s colleague and friend. Brief moment of humor waffs from musical baseline in “Are Accessories Accessories?” or “a sentence!”

Lady Janét earned a Bachelor of Science degree in English and Mathematics from the District of Columbia Teachers College and a Master of Arts degree in English from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Also, she received there Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies in Supervision and Administration and in Women’s Studies. As a life-long learner, a world traveler, and a follower of Socrates, Lady Janét is a proud perennial graduate student. Currently an English and Study Skills instructor at the Howard University Center for Academic Excellence, she has been an Adjunct Instructor in numerous universities and community colleges in the Washington, D.C., and Metropolitan areas.

Lady Janét’s poems have been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including The Flier (Columbia, Maryland newspaper); The Horizon (Howard University Journal); the American Poetry Anthology; and Sisters (published by the National Council of Negro Women). Her letters of commendation from other acclaimed writers, such as Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, and Frederick Harper are great sources of encouragement!

Amphony Volume IV is Lady Janét’s eleventh published poetry collection that can be viewed and purchased from online book stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Alibrius. It is also available on her personal web site at http://shop.ladyjanetgriffin.com

Lady Janét Griffin
English Professor, Center for Academic Excellence
Howard University