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Monday, August 17, 2015

Tuskegee University Honor Student’s Plight Is Among the Reasons Why President Obama Has Secondary Education Costs Near the Top of His Domestic Agenda

Honor Student Seeks Public Donations to Complete 2015/16 School Term

“The President is calling on Congress to advance new reforms to give more hard working students a fair shot at pursuing higher education, because education is not a luxury: it is an economic imperative that every hard working and responsible student should be able to afford. President Obama has emphasized that the federal government, states, colleges, and universities all have a role to play in making higher education more affordable, by reining in college costs, providing value for American families, and preparing students with a solid education to succeed in their careers.”1

LaRae Adams

LaRae Adams, Tuskegee University honor student

Tracy, CA — 20-year-old Tuskegee University honor student, LaRae Adams, is among thousands of young people who are struggling with the costs of earning a college degree. She is looking forward to returning to school this month for her junior year. However, the resolute student will be unable to complete the 2015/2016 term if she cannot raise funds for tuition. The out-of-pocket apportionment of LaRae’s school costs has increased, and her mom’s recent job loss (24-year-old business that her mom managed recently closed its doors for good) leaves her unable to afford fall tuition installments.

In an effort to raise funds that will enable LaRae to return to Tuskegee for the 2015/16 school year, she decided to reach out to the public for help by placing an appeal on a GoFundMe page.

Unfortunately, in spite of her stellar high school GPA, numerous accomplishments and countless applications, LaRae was not awarded any major scholarships. Her first two years at Tuskegee were funded by a combination of loans (that must be repaid), grants and a significant out-of-pocket tuition apportionment paid by her mom.

“My one main goal in life has always been to put my daughter through college. It appears that recent financial circumstances may prohibit my ability to keep my promise,” said LaRae’s mother, Donna Muex.

President Obama and Vice President Biden Address Higher Education Costs

“Today, the cost of higher education is too high for too many Americans. Too many folks are priced out of a piece of the middle-class dream,” said Vice President Joe Biden in an April 11th address. “And that’s why the President and I have a straightforward plan to remove that barrier and expand the pathway to the middle class—by bringing the cost of community colleges down—down to zero.”

President Obama has commented, “To reach a national goal of leading the world with the highest share of college graduates by 2020, we must make college more affordable.” In a more recent dialog addressing student loan debt, the president said, “Today’s college students borrow and rack up more debt than ever before. In 2010, graduates who took out loans left college owing an average of more than $26,000. Student loan debt has now surpassed credit card debt for the first time ever.”

As a freshman, LaRae was named to the Tuskegee University Dean’s List & Honor Roll. During her freshman and sophomore years, the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) honoree earned monies for books and other necessities by taking advantage of a work study program that employed her part-time on campus as an Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Registrar. This opportunity may not be available to her this coming year.

LaRae is looking forward to graduating from Tuskegee University with a B.A. degree in Computer Science in May 2017. Her dream job following graduation is writing code, designing and testing the newest technologies for Apple Computer. “I want so much to be confident that funds will be available so that I can complete my junior year,” said the highly motivated student. “I am afraid that without significant help, I may be unable to complete the 2015/2016 term.”

This young lady is the example of what all parents want for their kids—to be goal oriented, determined and eager to learn. LaRae has worked hard for and deserves the opportunity to complete her education. To contribute monetary support toward LaRae Adams’ academic expenses, visit her GoFundMe page (www.gofundme.com/laschoolfund) to read her personal appeal.

1 www.whitehouse.gov/issues/education/higher-education#college-affordability


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