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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

3 of the Latest Eyebrow Trends You Can Expect to See in 2019

African American woman's eyebrows

Nationwide — Fashion trends are constantly changing, and the same is true for make-up and beauty trends. These changes often make it difficult to know which styles are in and which are out. To make it easy, we’ve compiled some of the latest eyebrow trends you can expect for the new year.

Down-To-Earth Brow

Affectionately dubbed “the bedhead of eyebrows,” down-to-earth eyebrows are expected to be a big hit in the upcoming year. Fresh off the runway, this look consists of a messier brow with a straighter, longer shape to it. Promoting a fuller and more natural look this style uses very little product and is supposed to give your brows a fluffier texture by brushing the hairs upward.

If you already have thicker brows, keep in mind that even plucking underneath the arch could disrupt the messy style you’re going for. The point is to achieve a consistent, fluffy brow while maintaining a straight-across style. If you have thinner eyebrows, many make-up artists suggest using a skinny-tip pencil with a light-weight, gel-based formula to fill in lighter areas with individual brow hair strokes.

The Contour Brow

Another up-and-coming eyebrow trend for 2019 is the contour brow look. This style is about clean edges, accentuated arches, and tapered tails. When done properly, the contouring is meant to have a lifting, framing, and defining effect on your facial features.

To achieve this look you must first apply color to your brows in a gradient pattern – lighter colors at the base of the brow and darker colors closer to the tail. Then you need to taper the tail of your brow into a neat point to ensure that you maximize the lifting effect. Lastly, you’ll want to highlight the edges of your brow so that the brow itself stands out. Highlight your brow bone, just underneath the arch of your brow, with a coat of matte highlight and blend well.

Richer Textures

The winter season provides the perfect opportunity to give your eyebrows some texture. Well-defined brows with rich, full, and dominant textures are the sought-after trend this year. This look is usually accomplished with products that amplify rich shades and give the appearance of a fuller texture. Brow pencils (to define the shape) and brow shadows (to add a deeper color) are the products many make-up artists suggest using to achieve this look.

If you don’t naturally have thick eyebrows, a popular procedure called microblading can be done to give you the appearance of fuller brows. This process gives you a semi-permanent tattoo of individual hairs to fill up the areas of your eyebrows that could be thicker. If the word “tattoo” concerns you, be assured that the pigment used is only placed at medium depth in the skin – it eventually fades on its own. Still, be sure to research and choose a company that uses one of these state-of-the-art cosmetic lasers if you plan to pursue any cosmetic treatments.