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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Black Nurse Practitioner Launches Platform to Assist Students Transitioning into Practice

Latrina Walden

Nationwide — Meet Latrina Walden, a Family Nurse Practitioner and nursing professor in Atlanta who has launched Latrina Walden Exam Solutions (LWES) – the premier destination for today’s workforce to nurses and NPs – offering career support, NP board preparation, and continuing education services. LWES has been committed to the success of NP students by incorporating solid strategies yielding a 98% success rate for first-time exam takers in the past two years. In addition, they provide a space for new NPs to grow professionally and receive support from experts in their private community.

With over 15,000 members including registered nurses, nurse practitioner students, and professionals, their services are beneficial to new NPs transitioning in a competitive and multi-generational market.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are masters and doctorate-prepared nurses positioned to close the primary care gap across the nation. With the preparation and transition into this role comes burnout and loss in overwhelm making the need for mentorship and socialization services for today’s NPs necessary.

National and state organizations are commonly known for focusing on professional networking, career protection, professional development, and the promotion of NP practice through advocacy. Yet, the most common challenges reported by new graduates include board preparation, transition to practice, and burnout. Many are seeking a warm organization that promotes them to express their needs as well as provide an immediate response. LWES is positioned to meet such by sharing information and promoting examination success in the fast-changing field of health care. “Nowadays, new NPs are seeking for support and information in miscellaneous groups that may not be credible or prepared to meet the evolving needs of today’s learner,” says Walden. “Weekly, our team reviews members’ requests and provides solutions focusing on their wellbeing and practice so they can care for patients safely, all of which shapes a holistic professional.”

Latrina has a unique background in business, psychology, nursing, and education. Her interest spans from administration and emergency services to advance practice. In the past decade, Professor Walden has advocated for nursing education and care for the family at two and four-year institutions. A common theme she noted in practice as well as studied in her master’s program was how the lack of administrative support impacted job satisfaction for new NPs. Specifically, she concluded that NPs who felt appreciated were more likely to stay at their job.

She also identified gaps between university curriculums and real-world practice which inspired her to develop a Nurse Practitioner Bridge Formula. Professor Walden incorporates this formula in her NP board-certification course which supports graduates across the nation and in Canada. The foundation of this formula comes from Professor Walden’s experience serving on curriculum and book committees as a faculty member. Today, she is expanding her signature program to help nurse practitioners navigate the full lifecycle of their careers. Through her signature program, she provides the necessary study skills to support aspiring nurse practitioners develop into independent thinkers and provides board preparation and tools so that NP graduates can practice confidently as providers.

For more details and/or to sign up, visit LatrinaWaldenExamSolutions.com

Founded in 2018, Latrina Walden Exam Solutions is a platform and has blossomed into a destination for NP education and collaboration building on issues of common interest to advance nursing practice. Latrina Walden and the products and services offered here are in no way sponsored or approved by or affiliated with Walden University.

For press inquiries, please contact Shakendra Suarez at 770-696-9216 or info@latrinawaldenexamsolutions.com