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Thursday, February 17, 2022

LeBron James Partners With Crypto.com to Teach Children About Blockchain

Lebron James teaching kids

Nationwide — NBA superstar LeBron James has teamed up with one of the fastest-growing trading platforms, Crypto.com, to teach underserved children about blockchain technology.

Lebron’s foundation announced its partnership with Crypto.com “to offer educational and workforce developmental opportunities” in blockchain for inner-city neighborhoods.

Crypto.com, which is a Singapore-based tech company launched in 2016, is one of the leading platforms in decentralized finance that allows users to trade bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. It rose to fame as it works with several sports, entertainment, and fashion stars such as LeBron James.

With the new partnership, Lebron is hoping to be one of the first to create several possibilities such as job opportunities from the tech giant Crypto.com that could help those in underserved communities. The project also aims to bridge the digital gap between wealthy and low-income communities.

“Blockchain technology is revolutionizing our economy, sports and entertainment, the art world, and how we engage with one another… I want to ensure that communities like the one I come from are not left behind,” James told CBS News.