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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Columbia University President Accused of Covering Up Decades of Racial Intimidation and Fraud

Criminal complaints filed against Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger allege that he masterminded a $650,000 bribery, arbitration fraud, $5,000/day extortion, and judicial corruption scheme to avoid a $200 million dollar class action lawsuit, already scheduled jury trial, and arbitration for suppressing equal opportunity for Blacks and other minorities by abusing his connections to corrupt attorneys and a bribe-condoning federal judge.

Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University

New York, NY — Americans United for Equal Justice Founder, Randy S. Raghavendra, has filed criminal complaints against Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger with the New York State Attorney General and other law enforcement agencies alleging that he had masterminded a recently discovered $650,000 bribery, fraud, $5,000/day extortion, subornation of perjury, RICO, and obstruction of justice scheme and civil rights conspiracy to suppress the basic equal opportunity rights and constitutional rights of thousands of Black and other minority employees at Columbia during the past two decades. A recently published internal Columbia report showed complaints of illegal discrimination and harassment had increased by nine percent from 2018 to 2019 under Bollinger’s watch at the Harlem-based institution.

After recently establishing the ColumbiaVictims.com website, Raghavendra has alleged that Bollinger masterminded a $650,000 elaborate attorney-bribery, arbitration fraud, and criminal extortion scheme by bribing multiple corrupt attorneys with alleged extrajudicial- connections to a federal judge to fraudulently avoid: (A) a $200 million dollar (Coca Cola & TEXACO-Style) class action lawsuit on behalf of potentially thousands of past and present victims of institutionalized discrimination at Columbia; (B) avoid an already scheduled jury trial for racial discrimination as ordered by New York State Court Judge Joan Kenney; and (C) also avoid an expressly agreed arbitration under expressly agreed jurisdiction of noted labor arbitrator, Martin F. Scheinman, that would have established the first anti-discrimination “minority employees association” at the 268-years old Ivy League.

Allegedly, Bollinger has a history of blatant racial discrimination and hoodwinking the public by using deceptive smoke-screens such as bogus “affirmative action” and or fake “racial tokens” to cover-up his decades of institutionalized racial discrimination, harassment, and suppression of minority rights. When Ms. Zenobia White-Farrell, a Black woman and former Head of Equal Opportunity at Columbia herself attempted to initiate a Class Action on behalf of hundreds of Black employees, he hired the most dishonest attorneys of the Proskauer Rose firm to use most unethical and direct intimidation tactics including counter-suing the Civil Rights Plaintiff herself to cover-up his institutionalized racial discrimination practices by direction intimidation and further subjugation of Blacks and other minorities at Columbia.

During the anti-racism hunger-strikes at Columbia, several hunger-strikers had demanded that the 74-years old Bollinger should immediately resign because he had hoodwinked the public by using deceptive “racial tokens” to become Columbia’s 19th president and had been using every possible opportunity to repeatedly suppress the equal opportunity and basic constitutional rights of Blacks and other racial minorities at the otherwise great institution. Bollinger had repeatedly used various fake programs to give himself an unprecedented annual salary increase of over $1.9 million dollars at a non-profit and continue to remain president in arguably the darkest period of Columbia history.

When the Columbia’s former senior management analyst turned civil rights leader was organizing a $200 million dollar class action against Bollinger for institutionalized racial discrimination, and New York State Court Judge, Honorable Joan Kenney, had already ordered him to testify in an already scheduled jury trial regarding his institutionalized racial discrimination policies and the “Plantation Mentality and Blacks Were Invented for Cheap Labor” climate created at Columbia under his watch, Bollinger once again hired the most unethical and dishonest attorneys of the Proskauer Rose firm to bribe Raghavendra’s own out-going/ one-of-six-cases/ 40-hours attorney Louis D. Stober and to specifically abuse his extrajudicial-connections to a “jurisdiction-lacking and racially-biased” Manhattan federal court judge Paul A. Crotty.

In exchange for estimated $650,000 bribe payments by Bollinger, the jurisdiction-lacking federal judge allowed Stober to commit repeated perjury and fraud; engage in unthinkable litigation against his own client and character-assassination of his own client as a so-called “frivolous litigant” even though Raghavendra had wanted to basically complete the expressly agreed arbitration under the jurisdiction of arbitrator Scheinman; seek totally absurd and unconstitutional $5,000/day so-called bogus fines against his own client to extort involuntary releases through sheer intimidation; and or seek even possible imprisonment of his own client so that at least $650,000 in bribe payments can be legitimized as so-called (bogus) attorney fees even before the completion of expressly agreed to arbitration under the jurisdiction of arbitrator Scheinman.

Recently, criminal charges were also brought against a Columbia University doctor for sexually assaulting over 17 women, including the wife of recent presidential hopeful, Andrew Yang, under Bollinger’s watch. ColumbiaVictims.Com website lists numerous cases of blatant racial discrimination and sexual harassment. Several Columbia professors have also been sued or have resigned after having demanded sexual favors from their female students under Bollinger’s watch. Previously, Bollinger had also settled a fraud case with the U.S. Attorney for $9.5 million dollars.

Referring to the current nationwide anti-racism protests and the killing of George Floyd by a racist Minnesota cop, Raghavendra emphasized the urgent need to not only reform the systemic racism in police departments but also systemic racial discrimination in the judicial system and other prestigious institutions as evidenced by the recent surge of racism scandals even at Columbia which is right in the middle of Harlem. The 59-years old, dark-skinned executive who had sacrificed his entire executive career and life for seeking equal opportunity concluded:

Raghavendra comments, “If a corrupt Ivy League President is able to entice a jurisdiction-lacking federal court judge into a $650,000 bribery, fraud, and $5,000/day criminal extortion scheme to allow the continuation of his institutionalized racial intimidation practices, that may be the death of all Civil Rights laws as envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King.”

The VictimsFight.com Founder is requesting all Black journalists, Black celebrities, civil rights lawyers, and “Black Lives Matter” understanding elected officials nationwide to assist him in seeking the immediate criminal prosecution of Columbia President Bollinger to the fullest extent of the law, as that may be the first step in exposing the extreme levels of blatant racial intimidation not only at the most prestigious institutions but also in the most powerful courts across the United States.

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