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Monday, July 25, 2016

Children’s Author Creates 7th Papa Lemon Book Focused on Depression

Lehman Riley, author of Papa Lemon Books

Lehman Riley, author of Papa Lemon Books

Minneapolis, MN — During his childhood author Lehman Riley was fascinated by his grandfather Papa Lemon. Unfortunately, Papa Lemon passed away in 1973 when Lehman was 10 years old. Lehman’s love and admiration for Papa Lemon inspired him to write The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers children’s book series. Papa Lemon’s Magical Train transports 5 racially diverse friends, the Little Wanderers, back in time in order for them to meet great U.S. historical figures. Most importantly, Papa Lemon serves as a positive grandfather role model for the five friends.

Lehman and his cousin, Paul Dixon, formed their publishing company Matter of Africa America Time Corp. in July 2004 and released the first Papa Lemon book in September 2004. Paul’s eight year experience as a Target Stores Toy Buyer (1994-2002) and eight years in Toy Sales for Disney Consumer Products (2008-2016) has provided a strong knowledge base with respect to the children’s entertainment business. Paul recently resigned from his Disney Sales position in order to focus on the Papa Lemon book business. Paul states, “There are very few series books for children featuring an African American grandfather. The time is NOW to spread the word about Papa Lemon!”

There are currently 7 Papa Lemon books in circulation. The books are illustrated, paperback, 40 to 52 pages in length and have a 3rd grade reading level. The historical figures/events in the seven books are Dr. Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, a Navajo Wind Talker, Babe Didrikson, the California Gold Rush, Dr. Daniel Williams and Abraham Lincoln.

Book 7, released June 2016, tackles the struggles of depression, a topic rarely addressed in books for elementary age youth. This book focuses on the challenges Abraham Lincoln had with depression. The motivation for writing this book is personal for Lehman, because a family member dealt with mental health issues.

Lehman Riley and Paul Dixon are two African American males trying to make a difference in the lives of children. They have traveled to 23 U.S. cities, exhibiting the Papa Lemon books at 100+ events. Lehman has also spoken to more than 17,000 students in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Their ultimate goal is to make Papa Lemon an Educational Icon that promotes the “Love of Reading” and “Enjoyment of Discovering History”.

For more information about the Papa Lemon Books, visit www.papalemonedu.com.