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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Black Athlete, First Blind Paralympian to Win 5 Medals, Releases New Book About Vision

Lex Gillette

Nationwide — Lex Gillette became blind when he was just 8 years old, but that didn’t stop him from going on to be successful in life. In his newest book, No Need For Sight When You Have A Vision: What Blindness Can Teach Us About Risk Leadership, he shares his personal journey of overcoming obstacles without the aid of eyesight, all while becoming a five-time Paralympic medalist and successful entrepreneur. He attributes his athletic and business success to having a clear vision, one that doesn’t require eyesight.

Gillette, who is 38 years old, has shown the world that vision – the kind that provides direction and inspires innovative thinking – unlocks the achiever and the leader within. In No Need For Sight When You Have A Vision, he reveals the steps he’s taken to see beyond reality, face challenges, and surpass expectations, including his own.

From the C-Suite to the classroom, Gillette’s book will teach you how to embrace your individual journey, eliminate negative thinking, and strategize for the present and future with goals that only you can truly see.

The book has already received praise from industry leaders and influencers, including Bob Goff, author of New York Times Best Sellers Love Does, Everybody, Always, and Dream Big.

“Lex is a good friend and wise guide. He has helped me see and access things about myself I never knew were there,” said Goff. “In these pages, you are going to discover things about yourself too. By the time you turn the last page of this excellently written book, you will want to be a more humble, engaged and hopeful person.”

Sunil Narang, President and CEO of WDHB Americas, said, “With his humility and simplicity, Lex has beautifully articulated the strength we all have. In this book, he has brought all his life learnings and struggles together and has given us many lessons on how to unleash our own inner potentials and achieve the most difficult goals in life by having a clear and focused vision.”

No Need For Sight When You Have A Vision is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock their inner potential and achieve their goals. Gillette’s unique and powerful story will inspire readers to develop a new perspective, maximize their potential, and turn the impossible into temporary barriers that they can, and will, overcome.

The book is available at all major online book retailers and Gillette’s official website at LexGillette.com.

About the author
Lex Gillette is a globally recognized Paralympic track and field athlete for Team USA. Competing primarily in the long jump, he has amassed five Paralympic medals, four world championships, and he is the current world record holder in the event. He is the only totally blind athlete on the planet to eclipse the 22-foot barrier in the long jump.

Gillette is a sought-after inspirational keynote speaker who empowers his audiences to gaze beyond the horizon and see more than what is in front of their eyes. During Lex’s presentation, you will laugh, you will cry, you will be inspired, and you will learn how to become a better version of yourself. With every stage that he graces, Lex is determined to do for his audience, what was done for him. That is, to Teach … People … To … See.

For press inquiries, contact amber@lexgillette.com or 619-871-4828