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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Liberty County Minority Chamber in Georgia Changes Its Name and Goes Coastal

Sabrina Newby, CEO of Liberty County Minority Chamber

Sabrina Newby, CEO of Liberty County Minority Chamber of Commerce

Nationwide — CEO of the Liberty County Minority Chamber, Sabrina Newby, has announced that the organization has changed its name to the Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber to serve the Coastal Georgia business communities.

“The change kicked off our new year in how we are directing our chamber. We want to be present and accessible in the counties that either our members reside, have businesses or where there has shown a strong interest in our chamber,” Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber, CEO, Sabrina Newby said.

The Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber will now serve Effingham County all the way to the southernmost county in Georgia, Charlton County. The change began when the chamber started receiving potential chamber members from other parts of the coast as well as the state of Georgia.

“We want the chamber to be all-inclusive and equally building for both minority-owned businesses and non-minority owned businesses because at the end of the day, supporting each other is how small businesses and communities thrive,” Newby said.

The LCMC was first implemented in Liberty County in 2016. The chamber was started to bring minority businesses and entrepreneurs together to establish improvement in the socio-economic structure in the Liberty County Business Community.

“We’ve had challenges, but one of the things I understand is people are afraid of what they don’t understand,” Newby said. “Fortunately, we have dealt with those challenges and continued to overcome them.”

In August 2018, the LCMC launched the One Community Initiative to assist minority parents in guiding their children to high levels of success through business and education. The initiative not only teaches financial literacy but it helps students in finding their interest and placing them in the hands of business mentors. “The Liberty County Minority Chamber is no different from a Jewish, Hispanic, Native American or LGBTQ Chamber in America. Special interest groups and resources are becoming the norm,” Newby said. “And, when they wander into uncharted territory, we understand that people may be a bit uncomfortable; therefore, it takes time to develop. We are here to enhance what’s already in place, not take anything away, but we also understand that some folks are afraid of change, but ultimately, that’s how we grow.”

For more details, visit www.libertycountymc.org

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