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Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Program Launches For Individuals Interested in Doing Business in China

Lillian Okoye, an African-American entrepreneur living in China

Lillian Okoye, an African-American entrepreneur, doing a live interview in China

Nationwide — Lillian Okoye, an African-American entrepreneur who has lived in mainland China for seven years, has decided to help other entrepreneurs learn how to launch and expand their businesses in China.

The Chinapreneur Program is the only business incubator program in the world that helps aspiring entrepreneurs learn the tools and strategies necessary to launch a business in mainland China from scratch.

The program will open its doors to its 6-week online training program on October 1st, 2016. In the program, students will learn about crafting a business idea, leveraging social media in China, sales & marketing strategies in China, as well as how to register your business in China step-by-step. Participants will also gain free 3-month access to an intensive online Chinese language program. If you’re an experienced entrepreneur, or even if you’re just brand new to the world of startups and entrepreneurship, this program has something for everyone.

Join a powerful network of like-minded individuals who are interested in tapping into a multi-trillion dollar market to expand or grow their business. Find the mentorship, training, coaching, and learn tips and tricks from people who have launched their businesses in China.

To secure your spot in the Fall 2016 cohort of the Chinapreneur program, please visit www.thechinabiz.com. Questions can be sent to: support@lillianokoye.com