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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Black Entrepreneur Invents Water Aerobic Hair Cover That Maintains Your Hairstyle While in the Water

Linda Brown, inventor of the Water Aerobic Hair Cover

Linda Brown, inventor of the Water Aerobic Hair Cover

Nationwide — Linda Brown, a proud senior citizen with an inventive mind, has invented a unique Water Aerobic Hair Cover that solves a problem that has prevents many African American females from doing water aerobics exercising… which contributes to a healthy lifestyle! The Water Aerobic Hair Cover maintains the hairstyle and keeps the hair completely dry when in the water. The wearer’s hairstyle is preserved, and does not require extensive maintenance following use.

Because there is a need for a product that would properly maintain the hairstyle of African American females when doing water aerobics, water therapy, or water sports and activities, many hesitate to do water aerobics. Those that do participate, however, typically wear swimming caps that apply contractive force to the hairstyle which results in the total loss of the hairstyle. Others use hair-wraps, head scarves, and unflattering plastic caps used when sitting under the hairdryer.

But Linda’s invention solves that problem. Her Water Aerobic Hair Cover opens the door for a healthier lifestyle for many females, especially those who avoid doing water aerobics fitness exercising or water sports and activities because of their hair.

Even more, her designs are pretty, are available in beautiful vivid colors, are fashionable, and most importantly… it works! She is among the Steve Harvey’s JUMPERS, and says that she has enjoyed every bit of the hard work it took to get as far as she has today.

Her Water Aerobic Hair Covers in beautiful solid and multi colors can be purchased online at www.wateraerobichaircover.com


Aqua Aerobic Hair Cover Company
(912) 369-0700

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