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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Entrepreneur Launches Unique Party Supply Company That Caters to Black and Hispanic Children

Linda Kiedi, founder of KIESSE LLC

Linda Kiedi, founder of KIESSE LLC

Silver Spring, MDKIESSE LLC, founded by entrepreneur Linda Kiedi, is a company dedicated to the provision of unique party supplies to African American and Hispanic kids. The company, born out of an urgency to meet needs often overlooked by bigger companies, has recently announced its new range of products and services. Birthed in September 2015, they do much more than provide party supplies; They believe in creating an atmosphere of love, self-confidence and boosting general ethnicity acceptance irrespective of backgrounds.

Kiedi comments, “We’ve found an unmet need that people of color have. We are offering party supplies for African American, Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian children featuring black and Hispanic characters.”

Kiesse, meaning “joy” in Lingala, a central African language, is what is set as the slogan of the company: “Joyful Kids, Embracing Diversity” – which unveils their core belief. At KIESSE LLC, party supplies pave the way in ethnic diversity with the aim of grooming and teaching kids right to proudly accept their ethnic background. Their supplies also help children familiarize themselves with other cultures.

Kiedi says that her company believes that all children deserve to enjoy a world of acceptance, a fragile and little heart that needs not to hold back due to different physical appearances. There are a lot of party supplies to choose from featuring unique characters developed with fun and traditional themes such as ballerina, superhero, princess and host of others, including characters of African American and Hispanics origins suiting party supplies any child can select from. Upcoming, they plan on adding Bi-racial, Caucasian, and Asian, and characters. They also plan on releasing a story-book with all the characters residing in Kiesseville, a town where they live in harmony, respect and accept each other differences, and learn from each other.

KIESSE LLC is proud to introduce these lovely and fun characters:

Lemba, a vibrant and fun-loving girl from Congo, she loves dancing, enjoying nature, a voyager and likes history as well.

Andre, is full spirited, an African American from Baltimore, Maryland, who loves helping everyone.

Mateo is an alluring and result getter boy from Brazil, a country with a real melting pot of cultures.

Luciana comes from Peru, originating from the Aztecs origin people known for their gallant prowess and strong wills. Luciana can be shy and sensitive but believes the world can be made a better place for everyone to live in.


Kiedi comments, “When the next opportunity presents itself to show your children love and help boost their self-esteem and appreciation for their culture or heritage, do not hesitate to try us. We do it better by offering the best quality party supplies featuring the characters your children will finally identify with, and fall in love with.”

For more information about the company, visit www.kiessekids.com


844-4-KIESSE (1-844-454-3773)