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Thursday, May 1, 2014

2nd Book In The African Diaspora Series Is Released — An Intriguing Visionary Saga Continues With the Release of “Exodus Village”

Linda Pace Samuel

Author Linda Pace Samuel

Tuskegee, AL — ‘N Gratitude Publishing Company announces the release of “Exodus Village,” the 2nd book in the Return of the African Diaspora series, written by black American author, Linda Pace Samuel. The first book, “A Mother for Celeste,” was released in 2009. The history-filled fictional series was inspired by Linda’s first trip to Africa in 2002, where she visited former slave castles along Ghana’s Gulf of Guinea.

“It was a haunting experience,” Linda commented. “Our connection to Africa was so obvious as I stood looking out at the waters, from one of the infamous Doors of No Return. We had walked down a long damp passageway that was tucked inside the ancient trading fort, after having first been closed up in a dark holding area for a short time, where captives were held until the next ship arrived. It was so clear to me as I stood there; the people who had been forced into the castle had been African, but those who were taken to the U.S. began their transformation into African Americans as soon as they passed through the heavy wooden door. That thought stayed on my mind until after I had returned home,” she added, “and slowly the storyline for Return of the African Diaspora began to take shape.”

A former aide to U.S. Congressman John Lewis, Linda hopes that the sometimes gut-wrenching saga will help promote a universal healing and a transmutation of darker energies that were given birth during the African slave trade. Yet to be reconciled, she believes these remnants of unresolved energy still silently affect us all, in one way or another.

“My hope is that my books will lead to honest conversations that are long overdue,” she said. “So many still feel the shame and defeat that was passed down from their traumatized ancestors, not understanding what really happened during slavery; that it was all about making money and not the racial stereotypes that were created to justify actions of those who held slaves.

“We have a distinct sub-culture now, Linda continued, “the “underbelly” of black America. This segment is lost and they don’t have a valued place in America. They are also becoming increasingly violent and dangerous. I would like for my social commentaries in the book, on issues such as color in the black community, family secrets, guilt, and repressed feelings of inferiority passed down for generations, to stimulate readers to let their deeper feelings surface. It all needs to be faced and dealt with. I also want to appeal to those of us who, thanks to our ancestors, managed to thrive in America, to extend a hand to the underbelly, in some way, and not be so quick to dismiss them. I want to convince those in the position to do so to lend a hand, or at least start thinking about it.

“And I especially want to stimulate us to start thinking about Africa – visiting the continent, learn something about the culture that appeals to you. There is much well documented, yet infrequently discussed history in both books, and an introduction to West African culture and history. Hopefully, by recognizing how we got to the point where we are now, we will gain a better understanding of who we are. We’ll be able to move further down the path toward healing the relationship between the estranged African Diaspora in America and other parts of the world, and the Motherland.”

“I bought this book on my Kindle and was not exactly sure what I was buying,” one reader from the U.K. said of the series. “I was drawn by the title. I thought it might be a political paper. I was happily surprised to find it was a novel that was not only about African people, their history and culture, but also love and importantly, hope! Right up my street! As someone with a global African perspective I could not put it down!”

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