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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Former Manager of D’Angelo and Ginuwine Signs on as Executive Producer for the Visual Album, Motion Picture and Soundtrack “Therapy” that Introduces Barachi

Lindsay Guion and Barachi

Executive producer and manager Lindsay Guion (left), and artist/actor Barachi (right)

Nationwide — Meet Lindsay Guion: a talent representative, personal manager, and global advisor dedicating his life to working with Grammy award-winning artists, songwriters, and producers. Guion leveraged his years of experience in the music, film, and entertainment industries to create his own talent representation firm, GMUSIC.

Based in New York City, GMUSIC provides comprehensive talent management services that include recording, publicity, promotions, publishing, merchandising, tour support, booking, and marketing. What separates the company and its artists from others are, as Guion states, “We put the artist in the center of the turntable then maneuver all of the key industry movers around them.”

Guion has managed several Grammy-winning artists that range from neo-soul pioneer D’Angelo to triple-threat heartthrobs Mya and Ginuwine, and from record producer Rich Harrison (of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and Amerie’s “1 Thing” renown) to acclaimed singer/songwriter Jaguar Wright.

Reflecting upon his two decades in the business Guion explored a different, deeper path to knowledge of current trends and technology in the music industry. “I remembered seeing something at Harvard about finding a purpose, which triggered a desire that when my kids look back they see that their dad was involved in a legacy.”

After studying pre-law from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Guion began his career at IBM while still cultivating his interest in entertainment, sports, and media law. He is an active member of the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association and has previously held the position of President & CEO of GMUSIC GROUP (“SonyRED”), together with Technicolor, S.A. He is also the author of the recently published “Work Environment.”

As a young executive producer at A&M Records, Guion founded the R&B singing sensation BBOTI, a group of five gentlemen who performed a song in the 1993 movie, “Posse.” Today, Guion is Global Chairman and Shareholder of the leading management firm and has managed several popular recording artists throughout his illustrious career. Currently, he is in the process of bringing the life story of Blues singer Bessie Smith to the big screen (with screenwriter being the late James L. White who also helmed the Oscar-winning film Ray).

Intuitively melding the interstellar sonics of today’s cutting-edge Hip Hop Soul-Pop with the straight-to-the-heart simplicity of vintage love songs from the golden radio era of R&B, Doo Wop and Rock & Roll, singer, songwriter, producer Barachi has hit upon a smooth modern sound to seduce lovers the world over. His debut project, Therapy – bowing as a 5-song EP and a Visual Album – takes its name from how Barachi vows to make his fans feel whenever they hear his music.

“My songs and my sound are feel good music — that helps someone feel better, grow stronger, etc.,” Brooklyn-born and Miami-raised Barachi explains. “When you’re not feeling right in your heart or mind, you go to a therapist to help you feel better. That’s why I call my visual album Therapy. My music can be a vehicle for people to feel better, be positive, love each other and live well. My music has no color line. Any age, nationality or group of people are free to fall in love to my special feel for the old school and new school of music combined.”

At the core of Barachi’s Therapy are intoxicating love songs like the heartfelt “U Got Me,” the dreamy, piano-punctuated “Tell Me,” the sunny sing-a-long “Yours” and the deep space sonata “Me & U,” the latter containing the couplets that best sum up the love-as-medicine healing mission of the project as a whole:

No, don’t be afraid
I’ll shelter you from the rain
Yeah, sometimes you a pain
You so crazy but I’ll keep you sane
Girl, we got something special
Darlin’, you’re so mine … and vice versa

Barachi co-composed and co-produced every song on Therapy with High Volume (Gucci Mane, Jason Derulo, Busta Rhymes) and newcomer Exly. The sound was mixed to sparkling perfection by five (5) time Grammy-winner Fabian Marasciullo whose string of credits since 1999 read like an absolute who’s who of Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop, making him the ideal aural painter to sculpt Barachi’s songs into mini-masterpieces. Barachi’s debut will also shimmer visually thanks to Dame Pierre who is directing the nine (9) stunning videos for his Visual Album plus the unprecedented film Therapy. Barachi’s career is guided by manager Lindsay Guion for GMUSIC who similarly directed Ginuwine and D’Angelo.

For more information on Guion, the talent representation firm GMUSIC, and the industry’s most ambitious minds they represent, you can visit the GMUSIC websites at www.GMUSIC.biz and www.BARACHI.com


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