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Monday, February 4, 2019

Under Album Producer, Lindsay Guion, Comes New Direction For R&B/ Hip-Hop Recording Artist Maycee



Nationwide — Introducing Maycee: the sensually fluid Hip Hop-Soul admiral of a luxury liner she’s christened The Ambiguous Art Movement. Her aching love and relationships songs swing both ways in multiple ways – for men and women – heavily under the influence of classic R&B and laced with the high-tech kush of millennial techno-groove.

The DC-native sings, writes, raps and co-produces missives that melt into minds and bodies like balms of erotica healing. Her 2017 single “I Got” and 5-song debut EP Indecisive were mere appetizers for the banquet of bold confessions on Maycee’s forthcoming sophomore project.

“I love anything that’s soulful and has meaning,” Maycee states. “I was inspired by Anita Baker, Lauryn Hill and Aaliyah…resilient artists that never hid who they are, and were never afraid to sound, look and be… unique: earthy and real.”

Maycee’s story began in a home filled with love as her grandmother, mother and father were all seasoned singers. Even her baby sisters sang, and Maycee lovingly wrote and produced for them. It was her mother that took Maycee to see jazzy soul chanteuse Anita Baker at Merriweather Post Pavilion, setting her artistic wheels in to motion. And it was her mother that drove Maycee to South Carolina for an “American Idol” audition where she received her first bitter taste of rejection. She picked herself up and, following an introduction from her cousin Victor Wooten (Grammy-winning bassist of Bela Fleck & The Flecktones) to Cassandra Lucas of ’90s female soul duo Changing Faces, Maycee found a vocal mentor. Those lessons and a bird’s-eye view of ‘behind-the-scenes’ found Maycee being slotted into the 2-girl/1-guy group The Black Roses, a mirror image flip on the Fugees that was the brainchild of that groundbreaking group’s Pras Michel.

Though their four years of development ultimately found their album shelved, Maycee was opened up to her gift for rap rhyme there. This led to a three-year collaboration with singer-songwriter Raheem DeVaughan who produced her first solo foray, Indecisive. More importantly, DeVaughan encouraged Maycee not to be afraid to explore her bisexuality in her artistry which, in turn, helped her hone her sound and to connect not only to her generation but the old school and millennials as well.

“The sophomore project deals with what the old me would have done but who the new me is,” declares Maycee who also plays sax. “I want to be that authentic artist that creates timeless music for everyone and who opens doors for others struggling with expressing their sexuality. I’ve been through a lot…but all I know is love. I mean, my parents have been together for 28 years. So, I write about love… and me.”

Maycee has joined a new business model of recording, distribution, publishing, management and branding, in tandem with GMUSIC, the company founded by her new creative managing partner Lindsay Guion (which has enjoyed success with D’Angelo, Ginuwine, Mya and more, and celebrated hitting the half-billion total streams benchmark and counting).


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