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Thursday, May 2, 2019

HR Expert Launches Nationwide Tour to Help Address America’s High Black Unemployment Rate

Lisa A. Holmes’ new book “Job Hunting. Now What? Keeping It Real In The Modern Career Search” is quickly becoming the “must-have” practical guide for seasoned professionals and those new to the job market in search of rewarding work.

Lisa Holmes, author of Job Hunting, Now What?

Author Lisa Holmes and her bookcover

St. Louis, MO — The Black unemployment rate is now 7%, more than double the national unemployment rate. But one new book is topping the bookseller lists in the U.S. and abroad giving Black job seekers a roadmap to navigating the career search in this era of downsizing and corporate consolidation. Written by St. Louis native Lisa A. Holmes, MSHR, the book Job Hunting. Now What? Keeping It Real In The Modern Career Search is fast becoming the “must-have” practical guide for seasoned professionals and those new to the job market in search of rewarding work.

Holmes, a Human Resources expert, Executive Coach, and author is conducting speaking engagements and a panel from coast to coast with stops in key cities such as Los Angeles, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Boston. The panel discussion was at St. Louis’ Lindenwood University on April 30, 2019 from 1-3pm in the Harmon Hall Dunseth Auditorium.

During the panel discussion helmed by Holmes and other career specialists, attendees will learn how to better understand the emotional journey of the job search. The panel is free and open to the public. Three other panelists will be available for questions and discussion by attendees. They are Maris Lather, Demand General Marketer based in St. Louis with specialization in content creation, distribution, and engagement; Jazell Dailey Thomas, M.A. L.P.C., Counselor and Social; Work Lead for the Hazelwood School District in St. Louis; and Alana Pease, M.B.A., President of Headstrong Leaser as consultant and coach.

Holmes and the book have been hailed by such noteworthy publications as Money Magazine. In the article “8 Most Valuable Career Skills Right Now, According to HR Experts”, Holmes says, “Candidates will need to be emotionally intelligent — have a solid grasp of who they are and how those emotions can affect their leadership — as well as recognize and understand the emotions of others to effectively manage relationships.” According to Barnes & Noble, the book is a “soup-to-nuts” guide that will help you hone your hunting skills, land and keep your desired job in an ever-changing market. The book is selling in markets worldwide and most recently reached Australia.

As college graduation season approaches, graduates might take special note of the book’s approach to navigating the job market. Barnes & Noble sums it up saying, “Whether you are a college senior, or “downsized,” or in transition, or looking to get back into the job market, Lisa A. Holmes will help you overcome the stress associated with job hunting. You will better understand your current skills and gaps, develop a career strategy, and create the right résumé. Launch from there into practical networking techniques, negotiating with prospective employers, and understanding how to stay relevant in this evolving economy.”

In St. Louis, the 90-minute panel discussion will go step-by-step through this process and allow for a question/answer session with participants. Elsewhere, Holmes will speak on several book-related topics such as how to remain relevant in an ever-changing economy and the 5 keys to career success for women.

The tour’s panel discussion will be held at Holmes’ alma mater, Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis. She holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University. Presently, Holmes serves as Chief Business Strategist for Strategic Performance of Los Angeles.

For more details about the book and the tour, visit https://www.strategicperformanceoflosangeles.com/book-job-hunting-now-what

To book Mrs. Holmes, please send an email to info@strategicperformanceoflosangeles.com


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