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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Woman Who Adopted Six Children With Special Needs Featured in New Book by Celebrity Photojournalist

Lisa A. Thomas, philanthropist and special needs children's advocate

Nationwide — Lisa A. Thomas is the featured subject of celebrity photojournalist Bruce Bell’s new photographic timeline, In Search of the Authentic Lisa A. Thomas. She is a philanthropist, advocate, and the mother of six adopted children with special needs.

Lisa was born in Beaumont, Texas on August 31, 1966, to Walter and LouAnna Thomas. She is number six of seven children, two boys and four girls. As a child, Lisa was ambitious, thrifty, and entrepreneurial, and a Daddy’s girl. An early marriage ended abruptly, and she found herself divorced caring for a special needs’ child. In her struggle to find herself amidst all of life’s challenges.

She decided to search for her true identity. This photograph memoir is her testament to the work she has done personally and professionally in order to be the best caregiver to the special needs community nationally and abroad. Life’s challenges have shaped Lisa and made her a pleasant mystery. She is a gift to so many people in the disability’s arena, a legendary enigma to some, and a multi-faceted diamond to others. Today we find Lisa in the midst of her journey to true authenticity. This photographic timeline gives you the opportunity to join her in this incredible adventure that has taken her from the streets of Beaumont, Texas to the rural cities of South Africa and Kenya where her Foundation From the Heart provides fiscal and educational support for special needs families.

Launched in 1996, her foundation provides consulting and educational resources to parents and caregivers. Her journey started with volunteering her time at public schools and later being hired as a Para Professional in the classrooms working with individuals with special needs. She founded and has run Camp Angel, a summer camp serving children and adults from the age of 3-22 years old for 16 years. Lisa has also fostered several individuals with special needs for 15 years through the Texas Child Protective Services. She also obtained a contract with the Department of Aging and Disabilities and provides direct care and consultation to caregivers.

She has adopted six individuals, opened group homes, an Adult Day Habilitation, hosted Companion Care and Respite workshops for caregivers and families who need a break. She is a constant inspiration for the disability’s community doing motivational speaking, workshops and seminars. In Africa, the foundation has built schools and clinics with professional and quality staff in each area. A resource center for parents, caregivers and the community are in the plan for the future.

Lisa personally has 29 years of providing selfless interventions advocating for children, adults and caregivers. Her mission is to continue the journey until the world and the population of families of children with disabilities live a life of prosperity and productivity.

For more information about Lisa or the book, In Search of the Authentic Lisa A. Thomas, visit www.lisaathomas.solutions


About the Photojournalist

Bruce Bell of Bruce Bell Media (BBM) has been in the photography business since 2002. His work is a favorite in the Houston African community. He has shot famous visiting actors from the motherland, musicians, and dignitaries. He is a noted fashion photographer and has done some work for Rap-A-Lot Records. One of his greatest contributions to the African American community is his work at the NAACP Theatre Awards.

Bruce Bell sees beauty in everything regardless of the perspective of the world around him. It contributes to the excellence you see in his photographic artistry. His compassion for people and sharing the beauty of who they are is evident in the photo memoir, In Search of the Authentic Lisa A. Thomas.


Jazmin Anderson