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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Book Addresses Systemic Myths About Africans That are Wrongly Perceived as Facts

Living in the Shadows of Love and Happiness By HDS


NationwideLiving in the Shadows of Love and Happiness by author HDS challenges all European nations to fully accept the responsibility for centuries of oppression and persecution against Africans, and the internecine invasions into the Motherland, the Diaspora, and beyond.

The 274-page book has been an “Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week”, and inside author HDS asks innumerable questions such as, “Where do you stand? Because… Black Lives Matter!” The book also reminds readers that “it is your skin color that is profiled and not your intellect or profession.”

HDS comments, “Living in the Shadows of Love and Happiness is inspiring, factual, enlightening, and educational. It’s a must-read for all ages of people of African descent from the Motherland, the Diaspora, and beyond into eternity.”

He continues, “Our boys will grow up to become young men and our girls will grow up to become young women. They should evolve to become Kings and Queens and their children born as princes and princesses all in a world that reviles them and envies their right to existence, with disdain. Woe to those who are in denial; we have something for them to reckon with, and try with all their might to ‘indoctrinate or destroy’ only to fail, wholesale. Please read this story to find out where you stand.”


About the Book:
Living In The Shadows Of Love And Happiness
by HDS
ISBN: 9781478749905
274 pages
Publisher: SASCO Inc Books
On sale now for $9.95 (includes FREE shipping in the USA)
Available for purchase at www.sascoincbooks.com


About the Author:
HDS is an African American father, husband, serial entrepreneur, and HBCU college graduate. He donates and shares a percentage of all his book sales with community-based outreach efforts.


(201) 206-1883

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