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Monday, April 29, 2024

Siblings Make History With First Black Woman-Owned Manufacturer of Art Supplies in the US

LM Flowers and Skie Harris

Nationwide — LM Flowers and her sister, Skie Harris have made history as the founders of Sis Art, the first woman-owned and artist-owned manufacturer of art supplies in the United States of America. Their journey, which commenced in 2019, has completely reshaped the landscape of the art supply industry.

Sis Art is an art supply brand that has become synonymous with innovation and quality among a growing number of artists. The sisters introduced paint brushes designed for lasting comfort, heavy paints with rich pigmentation, and art pads that complement every stroke. However, what truly sets them apart is their unique creations: the travel watercolor kit, the ‘Melanin’ pigment line celebrating diverse skin tones named after women whom they considered heroes, or the ergonomically designed Krayoni crayons. These products weren’t just tools; they were statements of empowerment and artistic freedom.

What is so impressive about LM and Skie’s journey is how they have made their mark in a competitive industry by staying true to their values. For example, they proved that art supplies could be both high-quality and deeply meaningful by cultivating unique experiences for artists who are purists in their crafts the sister business went a step further introducing pigments to new artists as a way to enrich their their own paint colors.

LM, who is also an artist and publisher for HealthLink Resource Guide, says, “Our melanin pigment line although initially we had purists in mind, a lot of younger artists were requesting and being introduced to mixing their own paints and it became a very romantic and therapeutic way for artists that want to place their whole being into their works.”

She says that it’s quite evident that Sis Art is not just a brand; it’s a message that art is for everyone, regardless of background or experience level.

This dynamic sister duo and their story of triumph stands as a maker of inspiration for artists nationwide. They’ve shown that with courage, creativity, and a little bit of rebellion against the norm, two women can indeed make a monumental impact. Their legacy is a vibrant, inclusive, and artist-centered world that they’ve helped shape with every brush, crayon, and pigment.

To quote LM, “Sis Art is more than an art supply brand; it’s a testament to our journey of breaking molds and painting a new picture of what the art world can be.”

Skie, who is also an artist and educator for elementary school students in the Washington DC area, adds, “Our story resonates with anyone who believes in the power of art to transform, connect, and empower.”

Learn more about their company via the official website at SisArtPaints.com

Also, be sure to follow their brand on Instagram @sis.artsupply

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