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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Documentary Produced By Son of White Civil Rights Activist Hitting Record Numbers on Amazon

A new film called “The Uncomfortable Truth” is taking over Amazon. Nearly 200K people have watched the film in seven days.

When Loki Mulholland, the son of Civil Rights Hero, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, dives into the 400-year history of institutional racism in America, he is confronted with the shocking reality that his family helped start it all from the very beginning.

Loki and Joan Mulholland, producers of documentary 'The Uncomfortable Truth'

Lehi, UT — As millions of people peacefully protest racial injustice around the world, one film providing context to the pain and offering solutions has been dominating streaming on Amazon. The film, The Uncomfortable Truth, by Emmy-winning filmmaker Loki Mulholland, continues to see record numbers for the second week in a row. The film is based on Mulholland’s life, how his own family helped construct racism and privilege, and how it shapes our world 400 years later. Nearly 200K people have watched the film in seven days.

Mulholland is the son of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, a white civil rights activist who participated in over 50 sit-ins and demonstrations including the Freedom Rides, the Jackson Woolworth’s Sit-in, the March on Washington, and the Selma to Montgomery March. She is also the descendant of slave owners. Mulholland’s film takes an in-depth look at institutional racism to educate America on the impact of racism, slavery, and segregation. He founded the Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation to end racism through education.

“Racism is a white person problem that we always ask African Americans to solve for us. African Americans obviously have to deal with the effects of racism, but racism is a white disease,” said Mulholland. “I say to people: ‘Look. If white people created white supremacy, which we did, we should be at the forefront of dismantling it. It takes all voices, but white people shouldn’t be leaving it to everyone else to do our work for us — which is educating ourselves, talking about this, and listening to Black people.”

Mulholland’s work on racism and social justice have spanned over a decade. Along with his recent podcast series also called The Uncomfortable Truth, it includes films such as An Ordinary Hero: The True Story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, Black, White, & Us, and After Selma.

While The Uncomfortable Truth saw an increase of over 1,050 % from Thursday to Friday, Black, White, & Us saw an increase of 3,083%. All films are available on Amazon Prime. Mulholland’s work has garnered over 40 Telly Awards and 16 Best Documentary Awards. His first book, She Stood for Freedom, was nominated for the 2017 Amelia Bloom Award.


Watch the trailer:

To learn more about Loki Mulholland and the Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation, visit: JoanTrumpauerMulholland.org

You can also listen to Mulholland’s podcast at: https://anchor.fm/loki-mulholland


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