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Monday, December 26, 2016

L’Oréal Sued By Black Women Who Say the Company’s Hair Relaxer Product Burned Their Scalp and Left Them Bald

Black women suing L'Oreal after product burned their scalps

Nationwide — Several African American women who used L’Oréal’s SoftSheen-Carson Hair Relaxer product are now suing the brand for $5 million dollars after their usage of the product resulted in burned scalps, blisters, burns, and snatched edges. The plaintiffs say the celebrity-backed product left them bald, and they are also demanding a recall of the product.

TMZ, who broke the story, reports that the exact name of the product is L’Oréal SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No-Lye Relaxer, and that many users have had their hair completely destroyed. But L’Oréal fired back in a statement to the media, saying that its packaging clearly warns this very danger, and clearly instructs consumers on how to use it safely.

Lawyers Ben Meiselas and Mark Geragos, who rep the alleged victims, have slammed L’Oréal’s response, pointing out that the company is admitting the product has dangerous chemicals, despite advertising that it “protects the scalp and skin.” They say it’s downright absurd to blame the women harmed by the product, and they won’t relax until the relaxer itself is completely pulled from the shelves.

The following reviews on Amazon.com confirm the reported results:

“My aunt used this product for the first time and she immediately complained of burning so she washed it out without smoothing. Her hair was falling out as she neutralized. I immediately stepped in the to help her. Used all the neutralizer included in the box and more of what we had already. Applied egg and later deep conditioned minutes later to stop it.” — Genuine Reviewer

“I have never experienced burns like the burns from this product. buy the time I walked up the stairs to the bathroom it was unbearable. I pray my skin returns to normal and they should be sued.” — Nikki

“Don’t use it! My 26 year old daughter is upstairs crying her eyes out because her hair is gone. And I (her mother) relaxed it for her . We followed directions she has been relaxing for years . We did not leave it on too long. She now has no hair on the sides or back of her head.” — Berthell Bembry