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Thursday, December 14, 2017

LoveUnityEquality.com Kicks Off Nationwide Movement to End Police Brutality, Racism, and More

Ed Hudson, founder of LoveUnityEquality.com, with members of the community

Ed Hudson, founder of LoveUnityEquality.com, with members of the community

Nationwide — Fighting racism and police brutality and improving neglected and impoverished areas, Ed Hudson AKA EdLove the founder of Love Unity Equality Inc., believes the only way to have true equality in what he calls this great country of ours, is when people come together in love and unity from all ethnic backgrounds. His web site, LoveUnityEquality.com, acknowledges that African Americans have been the primary victims of racism, police brutality and that their neighborhoods have been neglected and mistreated. Ed lists some great ways these problems can be resolved or at the very least improved and the goal is to get groups of people working together on the issues addressed that are close to their hearts all across the country.

Although Edlove himself is not African American he has had close ties and has lived in the community the majority of his life and has fathered 3 sons who have African American mothers. He says he knew long before he ever heard the MLK quote don’t judge a man by the color of his skin but the content of his character that it was the right thing to do. He believes it is the special gift God gave him along with his good looks, intelligence, sense of humor and athleticism he says jokingly. Ed says he has known for years there was a calling for him to do something like this going all the way back to his life changing religious days as he calls them in the early 2000’s when he earned a master’s degree in religion.

He said the degree is better described as Christian leadership and a study of the Bible. He denies being a religious or holy man saying he realized even when he went through this phase he was still just as big of a sinner as he ever was just in different ways. He realized as he says a leopard can’t change his spots and although you constantly should be trying to be a better person you have to be you and God knows who you are and loves you for who you are with all your flaws. He says God wants you to choose love and not hate and goes on to say the theme of the Bible is love, that God loves you and wants you to love Him back and you do that by loving your neighbor and that’s everybody all skin tones included. This is what LoveUnityEquality.com is all about he says choosing love over hate, unity over division and equality over injustice.

LoveUnityEquality.com points out there is really only one race and that the races were created by man to promote superiority and division and has done exactly that. Then reminds us that science backs up the claim that that race doesn’t exist and quotes an article in the “Journal of Counseling and Development,” researchers argued that the term “race” is basically so meaningless that it should be discarded. Then Ed states this is a must if we ever hope to have true equality. Also discussed are how identifying ourselves as black and white causes division and an us and them mentality that also labels us and puts us in a box. He encourages visitors to watch Prince EA’s I’m Not A Label and goes on to talk about alternatives to using black and white.

He goes in detail about why the police brutality problem exists and ideas about how it can be resolved. Including a fabulous explanation of the Colin Kaepernick kneeling controversy and the deflection of the flag that causes people to not truly address the problem and the reason for kneeling. The need for people of European descent or so called white people as he says to be just as concerned about this issue and working together in love and unity. He goes on to say the same love and unity needs to take place with the police but at the same time holding them responsible for wrongdoing.

Also included are creative ideas about how our worst neighborhoods can be and need to be improved. Finally an explanation of how Advocates can get involved in the cause and actually make unlimited income while promoting Love, Unity and Equality. Edlove said he understands that he would be lucky enough to just get people to read the whole 11 pages of the website and even then only a small portion would want to get involved. His hope is that the ability to make money while doing so will motivate people to take action and says there is not to many better ways to make money than promoting Love, Unity and Equality. Ed plans to recruit as many advocates as possible and hopes to speak about this as often as possible and welcomes all opportunities in creating this New American Culture.

For more details, reach out to Ed at 407-801-0170, info@loveunityequality.com or visit www.LoveUnityEquality.com