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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Black Woman Fulfills Her Entrepreneurial Dreams as a Creator, NFT Artist, Author, and More

Lucenda Starke

Nationwide — As someone with an entrepreneurial drive and endless creative passion, Lucenda Starke is the driving power behind numerous innovative businesses. After graduating from University, she began her career with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Throughout her ten years working there, she mentored many aspiring business owners. Afterward, she passionately began investing her time into achieving her own entrepreneurial dreams.

Among her list of business ventures, Lucenda founded a clothing line and brand called WordEdge. She has always loved designing clothing and envisioned a specific look, and her WordEdge clothing brand delivers an edgy and humorous element with graphics that weren’t previously available to consumers. Her high-quality clothing line features unique t-shirts with a range of clever and inspirational quotes.

In addition to fashion, she has been writing poetry and song lyrics since she was a teenager. Recently, she released her debut poetry collection, Pathways in Stardust available on Amazon or at http://eztree.me/pathways.

As a talented lyricist, she also writes and creates music for fellow artists. In fact, artistically, she enjoys helping other artists translate their experiences into meaningful song lyrics.

“Give me time to grow.
To forever unfold
I am a million stories yet to be told
I am the diamond
Trapped in coal”
– Pathways in Stardust

As a black female entrepreneur, Lucenda noticed that many black women struggle to grow and love their natural hair. In response to this, Starke authored another book on Amazon entitled What to Do to Grow Waist Length Hair As a Black Women also available at http://eztree.me/growlonghair. This book helps others gain the confidence to love their natural hair, no matter where they are in their hair journey. Topics including Black hair products, protective styling, tips for various hair types, and self-love are encompassed in this book. Along with her book about hair, Lucenda is in the process of creating an exciting new line of hair products called D’elia Bella.

In the future, Lucenda looks forward to dedicating more time to helping other people embrace the entrepreneurial life and fulfill their dreams. She is devoted to supporting Black entrepreneurship in the Netherlands through mentorships and knowledge sharing. To further this mission, she is currently in the process of writing her next book, titled Becoming the Boss. With all of her accomplishments and future endeavors, it’s clear that she plans to work diligently to achieve all of her dreams.

As a creative leader in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, Lucenda has spearheaded many creative business ventures. She is a gifted author, NFT artist, designer, poet, lyricist, and entrepreneur. She is poised to inspire others and achieve all of her creative business goals.

For press inquiries and interview requests, contact +31628427726 or lucenda@wordedgeshop.com