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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

75th Anniversary of the Tuskegee Airmen (“The Red Tails”) Begins With the Release of an Important Documentary Film

— “The Luft Gangster: Memoirs of a Second Class Hero” will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray on March 22, 2016 —

Luft Gangster Documentary Featuring Col. Alexander Jeffers

Tuskegee Airmen fighter pilot Col. Alexander Jefferson, who is now 94-years old, is featured in a new award-winning documentary.

Nationwide — Honoring the 75th Anniversary of the first African-American fighter pilots in American history, a multiple award-winning documentary called The Luft Gangster: Memoirs of a Second Class Hero features Tuskegee Airmen, fighter pilot (Red Tail), Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson, 94.

Director/Producer, Mike Rott stated, “Alex is one of the few Tuskegee Airmen fighter pilots still living and our goal is to share his incredible story with as many people throughout the world as possible. It’s apparent that racial tensions are still alive and well in America based on many current events and we all stand to gain from learning about Alex’s experiences, both now and for future generations.”

Lt. Col. Jefferson said, “Our story is one of survival, which everyone can relate to. We want the world to know… we held our heads high and we survived and flourished.”

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Racism, Bigotry, and Segregation Welcomes P.O.W. Hero

Film Synopsis:
In many ways, Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson, USAF (Ret) was fighting a fierce battle before, during and after his days as a Tuskegee fighter pilot (Red Tail) in World War II. Jefferson was shot down during a strafing mission over German-occupied southern France and spent nine months in Stalag Luft III, the same P. O. W. camp that was the scene of ‘The Great Escape.’ When liberated by General Patton’s 3rd Army, Lt. Col. Jefferson unknowingly became an eyewitness to the atrocities at Dachau, a Nazi Concentration Camp. After heroically serving his country in the world’s worst war, Alex joyfully returned home only to be greeted by racism, bigotry and segregation.

The Luft Gangster: Memoirs of a Second Class Hero, an award-winning film, is an inspirational and fascinating account of bravery, perseverance and character. When he wasn’t fighting for his country, Jefferson was battling racism in his country.


Additional storylines:

• Mike Rott (Director/Producer) and Sheldon Rott (Co-Producer/Music Director) were recently honored and inducted as members by The Macon-Thomas Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. for their efforts.

• This film was featured pre-release on American Airlines Inflight Entertainment worldwide for Black History Month. Actor Gary Sinise recently introduced the film at an American Airlines VIP event in Fort Worth, TX.


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