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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Man Accidentally Left 2 Pounds of Marijuana In Uber — Then He Tried to Get it Back From the Police!

Malik Mollett, arrested after trying to retrieve from cops the marijuana he left in Uber

Malik Mollett, arrested after trying to retrieve from cops the marijuana he left in Uber

North Huntingdon, PA — Malik Mollett, a 21-year old man from Pennsylvania who unintentionally left a bag containing two pounds of marijuana in the back seat of an Uber, was arrested after he tried to get it back from an undercover state trooper who disguised himself as another Uber driver.

According to the driver, he received an email from Uber on December 29 stating that a previous passenger had left a bag in his car. The email also includes contact information where he could reach the passenger named Malik Mollett.

Upon discovering that the bag left in his car contained a large amount of marijuana, the driver alerted the police on January 2.

On January 9, a state trooper disguised as the Uber driver contacted Mollett and told him he has the bag and they could meet so he could retrieve it. He even sent a picture to confirm that he was the owner of the bag.

The undercover trooper arranged to meet with Mollett at a McDonald’s in Irwin almost 2 weeks after he left the drugs. When Mollett arrived, the trooper went inside and gave the bag to Mollett who appeared to be glad.

“I think he even made a reference to ‘how much of this did you guys smoke?’ And the undercover officer that we had dropping it off said they did not consume any of his marijuana,” Trooper Steve Limani told WPXI.

However, Mollett’s happiness was shortlived because when another trooper entered the McDonald’s, he was arrested on the spot. He is being held on a $150,000 bail.

Authorities say the marijuana retrieved from Mollett was “very high-grade” with a street value of several thousand dollars.

Watch the local news coverage below: