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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Man Admits to Putting Bleach in His Pregnant Girlfriend’s Water

Theo Washington

Millersville, PA — 21-year old Theophilous Washington, a man that was accused of putting bleach in his girlfriend’s water in attempt to abort their baby, has pleaded guilty to the crime.

Washington, who is from the Washington DC area but was studying at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to attempted homicide of an unborn child. He had also been charged with attempted homicide of the woman and reckless endangerment, but prosecutors say those charges will officially be dropped during his sentencing.

Investigators say that his girlfriend was already two months pregnant when she unknowingly drank the water. After becoming sick in her dorm, she reportedly vomited and then called 911.

However, she has since given birth to the child, and officials say that thankfully neither the woman nor the child was harmed.

Meanwhile, Washington remains in custody on $1 million bail pending a preliminary hearing on November 4th.