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Saturday, July 19, 2014

400-Pound Man Dies After NYC Police Officer Put Him in A Chokehold — Investigation Launched; Rallies Planned

Black Man Dies After NYC Police Officer Chokehold

New York, NY — The recent death of 43-year old Eric Garner, who died after a New York City police officer put him in a chokehold, is now being investigated by the Staten Island District Attorney’s office. A person passing by videotaped the incident, which shows Garner (who is an asthmatic weighing about 400 pounds) saying at least eight times “I can’t breathe” as police can be seen shoving his head into the ground.

Police said Garner was suspected of attempting to sell untaxed cigarettes, and when they approached him about it, he resisted arrest. Witnesses, however, say otherwise. They said that Garner had just broken up a fight.

Garner, who was a married father with six children, is seen in the video saying, “Every time you see me, you’re messing with me – I’m tired of it. I’m minding my business officer, I’m minding my business. Please just leave me alone.”

Then, when the police officers try to arrest him, he says, “Don’t touch me.” Next, one of the officers puts him in a chokehold causing him to fall to the ground. He is then heard complaining several times that he is unable to breathe.

Police reportedly then call paramedics, but before Garner ever reached the hospital, he had already died of cardiac arrest.

Garner’s wife, Esaw, comments, “When I kissed my husband this morning, I never thought it would be for the last time.”

NYC City mayor Bill de Blasio has postponed his vacation and has been talking with community leaders and residents. During a recent press conference, he called the death of Garner “a terrible tragedy.” He added that “chokeholds are prohibited by the New York City Police Department and by most departments.”

Meanwhile, civil rights leader Al Sharpton is planning several rallies in the city to protest police brutality.

Watch the Video Below:

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