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Monday, July 8, 2019

Man Pretends to Be Black While in Court Facing Road Rage Charges

Mark Char, man who pretended to be Black while in court

Mark Char

Oahu, HI — Mark Char, a man from Hawaii who was charged with attempted murder and assault for a road rage incident in 2016, appeared in court wearing blackface as he was claiming that the justice system was unfair to him.

“Now this kangaroo court is trying to give me a life sentence for me trying to protect and defend myself against the attack from three guys — in essence, treating me like a Black man,” Char reportedly ranted as his face was covered with Black permanent marker that he painted before the sentencing hearing. “So today, I’m going to be a Black man.”

Three years ago, during a road rage confrontation, Char reportedly stabbed three men wherein one was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after being stabbed five times. Char, however, claimed that the attack was an act of self-defense.

According to reports, Char managed to get a marker without the Halawa prison officials knowing. When guards saw his face covered in black, they ordered him to wash it off but he refused.

“This continues a pattern of disruptive behavior designed to undermine the administration of justice,” said the presiding judge, Todd Eddins. Char was allegedly hostile to Eddins as well as his legal team throughout his conviction

Ultimately, Char was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole for the attempted murder conviction. He will also be facing charges for disobeying Halawa prison guards.

“What you need to do is look in the mirror,” Eddins told Char. “And if you look in the mirror, Mr. Char, you’re not gonna see a Black person. You’re gonna see a menace. You’re gonna see a menace to society.”