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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Man Allegedly Pretends to Be Black While Robbing a Casino in Las Vegas

Cameron James Kennedy, disguised as a black man while robbing a Las Vegas casino

Cameron James Kennedy, disguised as a black man while robbing a Las Vegas casino

Las Vegas, NV — Cameron James Kennedy, an ex-convict who just got out of prison for bank robbery, is accused of armed robbery yet again after stealing $23,000 from a Las Vegas casino cashier earlier this year. Kennedy was allegedly covered with black makeup, pretending to be a Black man, while doing the act. 

The cashier at the New York-New York Resort, who was thankfully unharmed, initially described the thief as black. But later on, noted that his skin tone was irregular and “blotchy,” as stated in the criminal complaint.

An anonymous witness identified Kennedy and told FBI that he bought him a $1,000 prepaid debit card weeks after the robbery. According to the court documents, Kennedy reportedly wiped a dark substance from his face when he went to the man’s apartment a couple of hours after the robbery on January 10. Kennedy’s distinctive gold teeth also gave him away.

Kennedy, the 26-year-old suspect, appeared in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas on March 12. The judge ordered him to be held in federal custody until the court hearing on March 26.

Kennedy is facing charges of robbery with 20 years in prison. He just got freed from prison last July after more than five years of imprisonment for two bank robberies in 2012.

He was also under house arrest for allegedly forging a check in December and is also accused of cutting off a GPS monitor on January 9, the day before the robbery.