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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Major Black-Owned Hair Care Brand Launches New “Heavenly Halo” Collection

The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Collection

The Mane Choice Founder/CEO, Courtney Adele and Malaysia Pargo

New York, NY — Hydrated hair is soft! The Mane Choice launched their newest collection, Heavenly Halo, in partnership with Target Stores. Amongst many other benefits, Heavenly Halo makes hydrating hair a priority.

The Heavenly Halo collection was released on Sunday exclusively at Target following the success of previous lines. The Mane Choice has both a loyal and growing fan base, that includes Basketball Wives star, Malaysia Pargo. Pargo has also joined on as a brand ambassador for Heavenly Halo.

The Mane Choice’s Founder, Courteny Adeleye, wanted to launch a new line that aids in creating consistently hydrated hair.

When asked why she wanted to start a new line, Adeleye stated, “The Heavenly Halo Collection is formulated, specifically, to aid in obtaining and maintaining hydrated hair. No healthy hair regimen is complete without it! As with each of our products, they’re physician-formulated with Biotin, Vitamins, and essential nutrients. PLUS, they’re highly beneficial for all hair types.”

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For more details about The Mane Choice and/or the Heavenly Halo collection, visit www.TheManeChoice.com

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Kim Davis

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